X-Trial 2023 Regulations: Speed will be a key factor

The 2023 X-Trial World Championship is committed to an update of the competition format to seek to “improve the rhythm of the show and the competition”.

Esdeux, promoter of the championship, has introduced new regulations mainly affecting the second half of the race.

First of all, the concept of knockout zones disappears, so the nine participating drivers will compete in the second round, known until now as the “semi-final”.

In this second round, the drivers will have a time limit to complete the proposed course. The time granted by the promoter is tightened, which will now be calculated as follows: “the drivers will have one minute less than the number of zones that are disputed”. In other words, if six zones must be executed in this round, the maximum time will be five minutes.

With these changes, the organization aims to “put an extra emphasis on speed, giving the competition a faster pace and putting the drivers on the edge of pressure with their skills and strategies.”

As for the grand final, which is contested by three drivers (this does not vary), they will face six sections, which they will continue to complete one by one, and not by complete route.


The X-Trial of Barcelona will open the calendar this Sunday, February 5 at the Palau Sant Jordi.

The confirmed riders are: Toni Bou, Adam Raga, Jaime Busto, Matteo Grattarola, Benoit Bincaz, Gabriel Marcelli, Toby Martyn and Sondre Haga. Jeroni Fajardo will also be present as Wild Card, who completes the line-up of 9 riders on the track.

At the same time, the Women’s Trophy will be played, where the favorite Emma Bristow and Berta Abellán hope to star in a pleasant duel for the public. Also present will be the pilots Andrea Sofia Rabino,
Naomi Monnier and Huldeborg Barkved.

2023 X-Trial World Championship Calendar

The X-Trial de Madrid 2023 is confirmed again on the calendar and will be on November 4, 2023

jaime busto xtrial madrid 2022
Jaime Busto at the X-Trial in Madrid

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