Video Trial Indoor Vienna 1998 with Lampkin, Amós Bilbao, Colley and David Cobos

Enjoy the spectacle of the 1998 Indoor Trial World Championship, with videos a great 60-minute summary of the Indoor Trial in Vienna (Austria), the sixth round of the 1998 Indoor Trial World Championship.

A race where we enjoyed the driving of Dougie Lampkin, Amós Bilbao, Marc Colomer, Steve Colley, Graham Jarvis and David Cobos.

And in action, bikes like the Scorpa Easy, the Beta Techno 1997, the GASGAS TX and the Montesa Cota 315R.

Gallery trial riders from the 90s and 2000s


As in all specialties, in trial it is essential to ride fully equipped. The fact that it is a discipline where speed does not prevail, makes us think that we can ride more unprotected, but it is not like that; There really are trial clothes tailored to these needs.

For example, trial boots are more flexible to allow more freedom of movement and locate the rear brake, the trial helmet is open and lighter, while trial protections are mainly for the back.

Below we show you offers on trial equipment from top brands and tips for equipping yourself in trial.

Video of the 1992 indoor trial season


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