VIDEO I Trial at the Chiringuito de Jugones with Borja Conejos

We received the invitation from El Chiringuito de Jugones de Mega, to do a complementary show to the program, which mainly works on the theme of soccer.

Trialworld’s proposal was to make a live bike trial exhibition, using the resources of the set and also an annex where we could place more obstacles.

For the occasion we had Borja Conejos, Trialworld rider and current UCI Trials World Champion, who delighted the panelists with his technique on the stands and seats on the set.

In the second inning, Borja also had the opportunity to make an exhibition on the floor with a tertuliano, passing him from side to side with the skill that characterizes the world champion.

In short, an excellent opportunity to have fun and give more popularity to Trial in television environments that never address a specialty like the one we are dealing with.

Below you can consume the eight minutes that Borja Conejos was on his bike at El Chiringuito de Jugones de Mega.

Borja Conejos Trial Chiringuito Jugones MEGA
Borja Conejos at El Chiringuito de Jugones

Trial at the Chiringuito de Jugones

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