Venezuelan National at the Volcano

venezuela_volcan1Continuing with the 2012 Venezuelan Trial Championship, the Third and Fourth Valid of the national competition , in the sector known as “El Volcán”, in the municipality of El Hatillo de Caracas, with the participation of pilots in the adult categories TR1, TR2 and TR3 plus Children.

The Zones tested the technical skills of the participants at all levels, which were measured on this occasion in a slippery terrain, with steep slopes, loose earth and changes in level, in a day that took place from 9 a.m. until late in the afternoon under a bright sun.

On a track of 8 zones with 2 laps each back and forth, the drivers demonstrated their mastery on the terrain.  David Avendaño – at just 11 years of age –  grew up in the TR2, where he competes alongside experienced riders, taking first place in the third round and showing an impeccable performance. However, luck was not with him on the next lap where he finished fifth.

For his part, Federico Rodríguez stood out in both competitions, obtaining second and third places. Meanwhile, Gustavo Badillo continues to defend his second place in the championship in a melee with David Avendaño who is only one  point away from reaching it. Alejandro Avendaño, continues in the number one position in the category, despite having obtained third place during the third valid and then recovering in the next one and obtaining first place.

venezuela_volcan2As for the TR3, Juan Carlos Eseverri stood up to Jordi Colominas and snatched the place of honour from him for the first time in the third valid, however Colominas continues to lead this category, at a comfortable distance from Leonardo Cárdenas who is second. In TR1, Hernando Rivas is unrivaled.

Children’s category thrilled

The participants of the children’s category gave a great show measuring themselves  on a track of 3 zones with 2 laps each , where Jonathan Pestana looked quite comfortable consolidating his first place in the championship against his closest contender María Emilia Castillo. Followed by Juan Andrés Castillo and a feisty Cristina Castro, who just one point behind Castillo is a strong contender to be in the number three position in the category. On this occasion, Eloy Rodríguez surprised with his fluency and performance at the wheel, obtaining second and third places in the competitions.

It should be noted that this year the participation of the Trial relay generation has been very even , as a result of the seed work that has been carried out, among others, in the Trial and Extreme Enduro School “FP Trial Team”.

Source and photos: Fernando Bonet

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