Gas Gas TXT E8 and E12 for children

Electric technology enters the Gas Gas range with the TXT e8 and TXT e12. Designed for the little ones, they are the first step to the ‘zero emissions’ trial. Children’s trial electric motorcycles.
After Gas Gas presented its TXT e4820 trial motorcycle project for the first time during the last Milan motor show, the brand has decided to take another step forward in the introduction of electric technology in the world of off-road with a new family of ‘zero emissions’ motorcycles aimed at initiation in the world of trial. The new children’s TXTe are added to the offer of models for the youngest that until now were championed by the Boy, Cadet and Rookie versions of the TXT.
The new TXT e8 and TXT e12 have been developed from Gas Gas’ experience in entry-level motorcycles, adopting the latest technology in electric propulsion and high-capacity, fast-charging batteries.
In the first case, it has 8-inch wheels, a tubular chassis and a 0.5 kW motor, while the autonomy of the dual battery is 2 hours. The TXT e12 goes up a notch and mounts 12-inch wheels and a 0.75 kW motor. The batteries are triple and have a higher capacity, in order to maintain the autonomy at 2 hours and respond to a higher consumption of the motor.
Both models have components developed in parallel with the prototype of the TXT e4820, such as a potentiometer that regulates the response of the motor, a charging display on the grip, a quick battery removal system, as well as a simple connector to plug your charger into the conventional power grid. They also have elements from higher models, such as ergonomic grips, non-slip footpegs, mechanically operated disc brakes or ignition key.




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