Sherco ST Trial 300 Cabestany Replica 2012

As a result of the recent runner-up in the World Indoor Championship achieved by Albert Cabestany and the constant evolution and improvement of components in the field of competition, the new Sherco Cabestany Replica 2012 It is a tribute to perfection in a discipline as exquisite as the trial, where small details are of great importance.
The new Cabestany Replica has aspects that make it an exclusive bike. This annual Sherco series is one of the most eagerly awaited of the year, capable of satisfying its users in the face of the most relevant challenges, both in the most demanding competition, and in its use for leisure excursions.
Externally it differs from the rest of the Sherco ST family by its elegant red and black decoration, with white base and the touch of color and detail given by the gold wheels. Underneath this beautiful bodywork hides a powerful machine, powered by the exclusive 300 cc engine, identical to the one used by Cabestany, with a renewed cylinder head and a specific CDI for the management of the engine that also incorporates a new titanium exhaust curve.
Also included is the engine disconnection and shutdown system in the event of a rider fall, as well as the new low-profile handlebar. The clutch has also undergone evolution and in the transmission assembly, the new rear crown stands out, much lighter with new anti-abrasion treatment.
With all these improvements, the new Sherco Cabestany Replica is another step in the brand’s commitment to the evolution of its trial bikes and in the effort to offer the best product to the users who trust Sherco.


* Motor 300 dc
* New titanium exhaust
* Evolved cylinder head
* New CDI programming
* Tweaked clutch
Cycle part
* Low profile handlebar
* X-Light Tires
* Secondary transmission crown
* Kevlar faceplate
* Exclusive decoration

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