Australian GP D1: Bou sweeps and makes history

bou_aus480The first GP to be held on Australian soil You already have a name to start writing your story about: Toni Bou. The rider from Piera, the defending champion, won the first of the two days that will be held throughout this weekend.

He was joined on the podium by his greatest rivals: Adam Raga and Albert Cabestany . However, Fujinami has also been in with podium options until the last zone, being relegated from this position in the tiebreaker due to the lowest number of zeros against Cabestany (13 against 11).

The weather played a key role in this first race which, as can be read in the classifications, was extremely tough. Much of the blame for this has been the intense cold and the rain. Two important dressings added to some hard, long areas with large steps.

Bou stood out from his rivals from the first lap (17 points), opening an almost insurmountable gap. Fujinami was in second place with 31 points, followed by Raga with 35, Cabestany with 41 and Fajardo with 46.

Throughout the second lap Bou achieved an even greater feat: reducing his first partial of points to more than half. This gave him a crushing victory and the honour of being the first rider in history to win a Trial GP in Australia.

The only leading positions that moved on the second lap were those of Fujinami, who was finally on the verge of the podium, and Raga, who after the problems of the Japanese managed to sneak behind Bou with a comfortable advantage over his closest pursuer, Cabestany.


It is worth highlighting the great role of Oliveras in his return to the World Championship, signing a fantastic sixth position behind Fajardo and beating riders of the stature of Challoner, Dabill or Gubian.

In Junior, incredible work by Pol Tarrés , fresh from injury, staying just two points away from victory, which went to Alexandre Ferrer. Undoubtedly, an example of courage and perseverance.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the second scoring test will be held.

Text: Trialworld / Photos: FIM

Toni Bou: “It was a tough and complicated race, on stone and mud, in which everything went perfectly for us and we achieved a victory that leaves us really satisfied. I felt very comfortable and I saw that the audience enjoyed this our first visit to Australia. Now I can only ask that tomorrow things remain the same, but the areas are going to be smoothed out and I’m afraid everything will be much less selective.”

Takahisa Fujinami: “I started well and I was quite satisfied with my first lap. I was second, I felt comfortable and as the second lap was also going right for me I saw myself on the podium. Unfortunately, some technical problems decided otherwise and I lost it by the slimmest of margins. It tasted bad to me.”

Adam Raga: “Today’s sections were very difficult and some of them even dangerous, something that was reflected in today’s scores. I didn’t start too well, but I recovered in the final stages of the race. I’m happy to have finished in second place and I hope to do better tomorrow.” 





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