Universal Trial Motorcycle Seat

Trial bikes stand out for their ease of use and versatility in the mountains, however the sporty side for which they have been conceived and the everlasting battle to lighten weight contrasts with aspects such as comfort.

There is actually a variant of trial bikes with seats. These are what we popularly call trial-excursion bikes, whose concept is a hybrid between trial and trail. The current trend is to merge purely trial mechanics with dimensions and chassis more adapted for long distances.

The problem with these bikes is that they always have trial limitations compared to purely trial models.

For all those who don’t want to Buying a new trial bike and they are looking for greater comfort, or simply want to mount a seat to their trial bike on specific occasions, it is possible Install a trial seat without the need for any installation, with the ability to remove or replace in just a few seconds.

asiento para motos de trial
Universal seat for trial bikes in various colours

It is a valid seat for any trial bike that is attached through a Velcro, so the seat can be mounted and disassembled with real ease in just a few minutes.
This seat for trial bikes has been designed to offer the greatest compromise between comfort and grip. It also doesn’t require installation with tools.

This seat for trial bikes can be purchased at the Trialworld Store at a price of €109.95



The trial seat has a high-grip Velcro at the bottom. First of all, we will clean the Velcro grip area on the motorcycle with alcohol very well and we proceed to install the adhesive, calculating the exact surface on the seat. It is recommended to apply heat with a blow dryer to ensure that all areas of the adhesive stick properly. Once this process is done, the Velcro can be attached.


Trial seat in red

Trial seat in blue

Black trial seat

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