Trialworld Store official Vertigo Motors dealer in Madrid

Trialworld Store continues its growth nationally and internationally, consolidating its national leadership among 100% trial specialists who retail distributor of trial equipment and spare parts. Currently Trialworld Store has more than forty different suppliers that supply stock in an exclusive trial warehouse with 4,200 references and more than 15,000 active customers.

One of the pillars of growth of Trialworld Store is the distribution of new trial bikes, having become the distributor with the highest national sales volume in brands such as Electric Motion or Scorpa, and also a great reference in Beta.


Now, it is a pleasure to announce that Trialworld Store is a distributor of Vertigo Motors in Madrid, marketing the new Vertigo Nitro and also the Vertigo Minivandal range. A distribution of new motorcycles and technical service that is already complemented by the distribution of official Vertigo spare parts in all its models and versions since its birth, in 2017.

This alliance comes as a result of the passion of both brands to promote a technological and avant-garde product, such as the Vertigo Nitro, which celebrates its second anniversary at an excellent moment of maturity and reliability.

Trialworld, in its mission to promote trial in all its areas, will have a permanent “demo” unit of Vertigo Nitro for the performance of private tests, “demo days”, tests in the courses of the Trialworld Store and of course to create quality content in Trialworld Magazine.

From Trialworld, we would like to thank Daniel del Valle, Daniela and Manel Jané, for their constant trust in our professionalism and commitment to trial.

vertigo trial factory
Vertigo Motors factory on a Trialworld tour


It is now possible to buy a Vertigo Nitro in Madrid, in any of its versions and displacements, with the additional advantage of being able to request a dynamic test of the Vertigo Nitro and information without obligation.

The Vertigo Nitro is available in displacements of 125cc, 200cc, 250cc and 300cc, with different versions that will be available depending on the months and launches, but which follows, approximately, the following guideline:

  • Vertigo Nitro 2023. Available from October to May.
  • Vertigo Nitro Dougie Lampkin 2023, Available from October to December.
  • Vertigo Nitro Titanium 2023. Available in very limited units between January and February.
  • Vertigo Nitro Factory 2023. Available from April – May.


Trialworld Store is the official technical service of Vertigo Motors in Madrid. This implies the existence of all the spare parts for Vertigo Nitro and Vertigo Vertical, as well as the possibility of tuning or repairing a Vertigo Motors.

Vertigo Nitro 2023 Madrid


The Vertigo Nitro 2023 It incorporates as standard the clutch cover in two removable parts, one of the great advances of Vertigo in the last year in its top models, and a unique work of engineering in the trial sector that in addition to adding exclusivity and design, also facilitates maintenance tasks for the rider.

On the drivetrain side, the 2023 Vertigo Nitro features a crown with the redesigned tooth profile to minimize chain friction and reduce drag (less mechanical braking).

Another addition to the new model is the front fender, presenting a design with greater protection for motorcycle and rider as well as a reduction in weight.

  • Vertigo Nitro 125cc 2023 Price: 9.000€
  • Vertigo Nitro 200cc 2023 Price: 9.000€
  • Vertigo Nitro 250cc 2023 Price: 9.100€
  • 2023 Vertigo Nitro 300cc Price: 9.200€

Vertigo Nitro Mechanical News 2023

What's New for the Vertigo Nitro Cycle 2023

Vertigo Nitro Dougie Lampkin 2023 DL12


The 2023 Vertigo Nitro Dougie Lampkin inherits the essence of the British rider, with interesting improvements designed to offer an easier and nobler response.

The 2023 Vertigo Nitro DL12 also incorporates a new coil support with silentblocks, which allows you to gain stability and avoid vibrations coming from the motor.

Another component to highlight is the new 0.7mm klingersil cylinder seal, which improves tightness in extreme conditions and contributes to making the bike more docile.

One of the most visible additions is the new self-purging water pump guard, which drastically reduces the risk of breakdown due to bumps or impacts with rocks.

Also in terms of protection, the 2023 Vertigo Nitro DL12 features a crankcase cover with a new design in 6mm V-2049 gray lighter and with greater capacity to safeguard the integrity of the engine.

  • Vertigo Nitro Dougie Lampkin DL12 250cc 2023 Price: €9,800
  • Vertigo Nitro Dougie Lampkin DL12 300cc 2023 Price: 9.900€

Mechanical novelties vertigo nitro DL 2023

New Vertigo Nitro Cycle Part DL 2023

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