This is the TRS Motorcycles factory

During the short life of
TRS Motorcycles
, officially constituted in 2013 and with a release to production in 2016 through its One model, which a few months later achieved, in addition to the world team title, both runners-up in the world championship (TrialGP and XTrial) with
Adam Raga
Throughout these years, in addition to remaining the best-positioned 2T in competition, the growing demand and popularity of the brand has led to the launch of a wider range of models. In addition to the One Series, its base model, since 2017 there has been the
TRS Raga Racing “RR
” on the market, a more exclusive and vitaminized model with more “racing” components, as well as specific technical solutions.
TRS Motorcycles Factory Trial
In 2018 the Spanish brand has also launched a third model, called
TRS Gold Edition
. It is the most exclusive model manufactured by the brand, with abundant carbon and unprecedented components that derive from Adam Raga’s own racing bike. TRS will manufacture a total of 150 units between the months of June and July, which are already committed in markets as diverse as the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and of course Europe.


TRS already moved its factory a few months ago in order to increase its production volume. Located in Sant Pedor (Barcelona), the three previous models are manufactured and in a few months the production of the
TRS X-Track
will also start, a new excursion model with a more versatile approach than the One Trial range.
TRS Gold Edition Factory Trial
TRS Motorcycles Factory Trial
Production of the new TRS One 2019 will also start over the next few days.
TRS Gold Edition Factory Trial
From this factory, TRS motorcycles and spare parts are exported all over the world, as well as accommodating all the logistical needs of
in the field of competition.

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