The Evolution of the Internet and Trial

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In this blog I want to talk about the Internet, websites, forums and social networks that talk about trials.

It’s really very difficult to “set up” the whole web page racket; By dedication, by hours spent, by knowledge , because someone has to do it and because for those who don’t have to do it, everything will always be very easy.

For all these reasons… My most sincere congratulations to the “webmasters” of all the web portals that we have in our country that talk about trial. Now then… I’m going to tell you an anecdote that will be perfect for me to link the topic.

I don’t have a particular predilection for shopping in Chinese stores. I’m “screwed” by the bargain / business / shop, that this collective has set up, where they don’t leave a penny to the city, province, region or country, but I haven’t been able to avoid going in sometimes in search of what I have urgently needed, since I also have one just 30 meters from home.

When I enter this kind of ”
superstore that has everything but I can’t find anything” I don’t
know where to look, nor where to look. There are so many things on the shelves that to find what I need I usually ask the
“Chinese man who doesn’t speak a jot of Spanish”,
I buy, pay and leave.

Apart from that, with some of the internet portals, something similar happens to me. There are so many news, ads, sponsors, banners, links, lyrics and information that, as the experts say, if you need more than four seconds to find what you are looking for, you go to another website.

Another topic is the forums, which are sometimes a reason for discussion and even more so when you hide behind a nickname, but that’s what the forums are for , to discuss (always politely). I would also like to comment, as a suggestion, that I do not think it is right at all that forums are closed indiscriminately. Lately we have lost several of them, in one fell swoop. “Posts” have been lost with the best written dialectic of all time in trial forums, as well as the succession of interesting replies and counter-replies on some other topics.

Bonaigua MegustaI also don’t like payment portals. I know, everything costs money and maybe time will take away my reason, but for now I’ll take a break from browsing these portals.

I’m done with Facebook (I don’t have Twitter, nor do I want to have it at the moment, since I spend too many hours connected to the network)

What am I going to tell you about Facebook that you don’t already know? Like everything in this life, it has positive and negative things. In my case, as always, I prefer the positive ones, which are none other than having contacted countless friends and acquaintances who I had lost track of and also with the large amount of (immediate) information we have about trial.

David has provided the means to channel any comments, but if you want to make it more personalized, you will always find me at

Lots of zeros!

Victor Martin



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