The device that would revolutionize competitive and amateur trials

The gradual loss of interest in high-level trial is evidence that is becoming more aggravated over the years. We have fewer and fewer elite riders, the promises end up not consolidating their progression due to the difficulty of making a living from this sport and at a sporting level the regulations are as inefficient as they are desperate, both for drivers and for the fans themselves.

To respond to this lack of bias that the nonstop regulation throws up, different auxiliary industries have sought to provide technology to a completely impartial area judge decision that answers a clear question:

When is it considered a stop, and therefore a fiasco, in the zone? The reality is that, on a human level, each judge, who is different in each area and in each race, has his own criteria, something that undoubtedly conditions the result of the competition and evidences discrepancies in the assessment of the driver’s work.


Thinking about solutions, Cardinaltech looked for technological formulas that would allow the current regulations to be maintained and, with the help of a device, the judge would have precise information on whether or not to apply a penalty to the rider in an area.

Together with Cardinaltech, a Spanish company, two great trial experts have collaborated: Jaume Subirà and Miquel Cirera, former professional riders with many years of experience in the world of trials. The result of the work is a device that could be compared to VAR in football or Hawkeye in tennis.


At the federation level, it would favour the unification of criteria between the different zone judges, regardless of the origin of the riders and the championship.

At the level of motorcycle clubs, it would facilitate the organization, since they would need fewer zone judges and would simplify their work, avoiding most of the discontent and complaints, since, in addition, the riders would train with the system and would know the limits in advance.

At the manufacturer level, if more trials are organized and the number of practitioners and followers grows, sales would increase.

At the driver level, they would be guaranteed that the scores would be the same for everyone, whatever their level.

At the amateur level, pilots included, they would find a useful tool for training and outings.


Cardinaltech’s device is at an advanced stage of development and has prototypes that validate its technology.

The technology has been tested with numerous professional pilots of different categories, including Toni Bou, Gabriel Marcelli, Berta Abellán, Jaime Busto, Jorge Casales, Pau Dinarés, Miguel Alarcón, Jordi Camp, Mateo Gratarola, Sondre Haga and Jack Dance. In addition, several demonstrations have been held with the main stakeholders in the world of trial, the most relevant being the one held at the Circuit Parcmotor de Castellolí on June 13, 2022, with the presence of the FIM, the Spanish Federation, the French Federation, the Norwegian Federation and the Andorran Federation and some of the main manufacturers such as Montesa, Beta, Sherco, Scorpa and Vertigo, and the demonstration that was made at the facilities of the Trial School in Ripoll.

On November 16, 2022, which they attended again FIM members, members of the Spanish Federation, the Catalan Federation and the Andorran Federation, Albert Casanovas (representative of the association of trial manufacturers), as well as businessmen from the sector, representatives of motorcycle clubs and other people linked to the sport.


The resulting product of this technology is designed as a small device to be placed on the front of the motorcycle.

The configuration of the device by riders and motorcycle clubs would be done through an APP.

In competition, it would allow:

– Detect the stop and reverse time of the motorcycle: both parameters are adjustable (time and distance respectively).

– Foot support, external support point, external help (stretching or pushing), falling or lowering the motorcycle and stopping the engine.

– Establish the order of entry to an area according to the order of arrival: detect the arrival of the runner, put him on the waiting list, know how many pilots he has ahead of him and the approximate waiting time, move back a few positions in the queue to a pilot who has not entered during his session.

– Set the start and end of the zone to know when a pilot has started and when it has ended.

– Adjust the parameters for the score depending on the different categories and levels in each championship.

– It could also control the total time of a zone automatically.

– Display real-time rankings.

– Provide a forecast of the pilots’ time for each area.


It would therefore be an essential device in competitions, but it would also be very useful for any practitioner in training and outings, as it includes functions such as odometer, hours of use of the motorcycle, GPS, stopwatch, clock, tire pressure and tracking, among others. It would also allow you to compete among friends, measuring the score in outings and training.

The implementation of a technology like this would not only have benefits for Trial competitions but, in addition, by improving its practice, it would increase the number of users, which in turn would lead to an increase in sales in the sector.


This development has been led and financed by Cardinaltech and has generated great interest among the main players involved in trial.

But despite several successful demonstrations, the level of commitment required to move forward with such a project has not been achieved . Whether this is the case depends not only on the financial support, but also on the institutional support necessary to modify the regulation and homologate the device.

Therefore, it will be necessary to lead the project until it becomes a viable commercial product. To bring technology to a successful product and business model, you also need strong leadership to define the final product, develop a business plan, lobby for homologation and necessary regulatory adjustments, and secure funding for commercialization.


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