The Consejo Superior de Deportes receives the Women’s National Trial Team

After winning the team title at the Trial of Nations held in Ibiza, Berta Abellán, Sandra Gómez and Neus Murcia went to the headquarters of the Higher Sports Council on a motorbike to leave all the attendees open-mouthed. This was the first time it has been done like this, with the riders arriving on motorcycles and making a small exhibition demonstrating their technique and skill.

They were received by Mª José Rienda, president of the CSD, who recognized the work of the three not only in the Trial of Nations but also throughout the season in the Spanish Championship and in the World Championship.
The president of the RFME, Manuel Casado, was also present at this event thanking the Council for all the support they give to the sport of motorcycling, both nationally and internationally.
Women's Trial Superior Council Sports
Spain won its eighth Women’s TdN crown in Ibiza in 19 editions.
Information: RFME

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