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If we were recently in France to test Sherco’s 2019 models first-hand, this time we moved to Barcelona, specifically to the Circuit L’Ametlla Park in l’Ametlla del Vallès. Where the presentation and testing of the entire range of Gas Gas was carried out.

Once we arrived at the Circuit L’Amatella, thanks to the bus that Gas Gas put at our service to go from the hotel to the place in question, the first thing that stands out is the organization and staging of Gas Gas and Torrot.
Once established in the place and with all the schedules marked, it is time for the presentation to the Spanish press of all the technical news.
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Xavi Zapata was in charge of the trial, our main objective. Who began with an overview of the news of the Gas Gas TXT Racing 2019 trial, such as the new decoration, the new swingarm lightened 500 grams less than its predecessor and the improvement of peripheral parts to it, the improvement in the braking system, clutch optimization and a large number of improvements that shape the Gas Gas TXT 2019.

It is a range that presents interesting updates, but that maintains most of its essence both at the level of the chassis and mechanically.
With all the technical innovations in mind, it was time to put them to the test and see how effective they were.
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Starting the test with the TXT 300cc model, we realize that it is not just any model, but a trial range with a lot of work behind it to offer us the best results. As we start the ride we perceive an engine full from below, ready to provide us with all the gas we may need when facing the obstacles, with a certain essence of competition. And if we add to this the components that it has as standard, such as the Öhlins rear shock absorber (Reiger so far) and the Tech front suspension made of aluminium, all combined with an improved Braktec braking system, it is inevitable to realise that we have a bike on our hands that is eager to compete at the highest level.
Once the larger displacement has been thoroughly tested, we are ready to test the TXT 280cc engine, an option of great acceptance in the market that represents the intermediate alternative between the 300cc and its 250cc sibling. A bike with more than enough power delivery for a medium-high level, which gives us the security of facing any obstacle but always with some control of the gas. It allows, from our point of view, a greater and more controlled dosage of gas than its big sister, but always willing to look for our limits.
This engine could be highlighted for being the intermediate and perhaps the optimal between the most powerful Gas Gas engine and the quarter liter, because it offers us a controlled gas but not at all scarce and has enough bass and power delivery to give us total confidence that it will not be short or long during the passage of an obstacle.


The time has come to try the model that is probably the most unknown to most pilots, but the one that could be the ideal one for both beginners and advanced riders, is the Gas Gas TXT 250cc. A bike that gives us absolute control over it, providing us with safety and a totally linear power delivery from the first moment.
As it is an engine with a less forceful response to the first hit of throttle, a priori it may seem that there is less power, but in the end what there is is more ease to manage the response of the engine. It’s a mechanic with more concessions, progressive and predictable throughout its regime. If we add to this the improvements of the rest of the range in the clutch pump with a spring that makes it less sensitive to the differences of Kevlar disc packs and improves its functionality, it creates a perfect formula to start and progress in trial, without fear of being overtaken by the bike.
To finish off the combustion models, we complete the range with the 125cc model. An ideal bike for young people who have already outgrown the 80cc but still lack the level or body to be able to comfortably ride a 250cc . And it is even a recommended bike to start in trial, regardless of age. And this is because it is a bike with a high-performance engine that, despite its reduced power, offers us an immediate reaction and more than enough low torque to be able to enjoy our turns and small obstacles. This is a bike with competition components and an engine suitable for beginners who want to be able to enjoy the trial without losing control over the controls.
Gas Gas TXT Pro 2019


After testing the four renewed models of Gas Gas combustion, we dare to say that the brand’s commitment to developing high-performance motorcycles has been more than successful, since both in the Improved shock absorbers and brakes, mentioned above, such as the new lightened swingarm, the improvement of the clutch and new differentiating details, They make this bike an excellent common denominator to enjoy from the first moment.
Thanks to the wide variety of displacements that Gas Gas offers us, we have the opportunity to acquire the most suitable motorcycle for our way of riding and our level. If we are looking for a motorcycle with a lot of power, with good bass and with a full engine in any rev range, we should definitely opt for a 300c. But if our goal is to have power, but controlled, without losing the liveliness of a 300cc, the 280cc will be our ally.
On the other hand, if what we want is a bike that offers us enough power without it getting out of hand and over which we know that we are going to have control from the first moment, we are undoubtedly talking about the 250cc, even if we are looking for even more control and less power we could talk about the complete 125cc.


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