Scorpa SCR 2023 Trial

After more than four years of work, Scorpa has just presented the revolutionary Scorpa SCT 2023 by Trial, the French brand’s ultimate weapon to conquer the trial market.

It’s a bike that’s more revolutionary than its shapes appear. We have started from a blank sheet of paper and from there, all the elements of the chassis and also mechanical parts have been rethought. All geometries are new and the engine that debuts in the 2023 Scorpa SCT is 28 % lighter than its predecessor, also providing greater inertia and power.

We are also going to tell you about the interesting technical solutions that have been applied to facilitate maintenance, mechanical accessibility and guarantee a deep reliability of all its components.

At Trialworld we were in Monza during its presentation, so we were able to talk to all the parties involved in the project. There is enthusiasm and excitement for the new project, which this time will share an identical platform with the 2023 Sherco STR.

Scorpa SCT 2023 Trial inyeccion
New Scorpa SCR 2023


The new 2023 Scorpa SCR receives a frame with a lower center of gravity, which allows for improved stability and traction. In addition, an interesting solution has been sought for the area of the footrests, which are made of microcast and rest on the chassis itself, so that they cannot be defeated with the passage of time; In addition, they are anchored with a single threaded screw, without a nut.

Also interesting is the new linkage solution, which now has a single central one and not two as in the previous model, so that friction is reduced and the whole works more smoothly.

It is also interesting to see that the chassis has two removable tie rods at the front, which allow better access to the engine block in case of maintenance, and also support a radiator that grows by 58% to 19 cores, which guarantees perfect cooling.

We liked the detail of the seatposts, which in addition to being lighter, have the screws on the back, giving an image of greater cleanliness and also protecting from exposure.

The suspensions are entrusted to TECH and Reiger, with new settings.

In terms of bodywork, we have a completely redesigned filter box, with 7% more air capacity, which in turn houses an air filter that is 11% larger than its predecessor, so it breathes much better for the engine. In addition, the filter, once the allen screw is released, can be handled without the need for tools.

Finally, the swingarm lowers its axle by 21mm and receives structural modifications to gain flexibility.

Scorpa SCT 2023 Trial inyeccion
New Scorpa SCR 2023
Scorpa SCT 2023 Trial inyeccion
New Scorpa SCR 2023
Scorpa SCT 2023 Trial inyeccion
New Scorpa SCR 2023


If the work on the cycle part has been brilliant, on the mechanical part the level goes up even more, if possible.

It is a new engine block that reduces weight by 4.5 kilos compared to its predecessor, stopping the scales at 16 kilos, a spectacular record.

The most striking thing about the new block is that it is a 2-stroke engine powered by electronic injection, whose body houses three sensors that dynamically modify the engine parameters based on three aspects: atmospheric air pressure, air temperature and TPS, which measures the position of the throttle grip.

The new crankshaft is 13% lighter and also grows in diameter, achieving greater engine inertia. The five-speed gearbox weighs just 500 grams.

The diaphragm clutch has three adjustment positions to modify the behavior of the diaphragm clutch and also its flexibility. The clutch cover is made of magnesium and has a sight glass to check the oil level, which is 450cc.

The new cylinder now has 7 transfers, instead of 5 like the previous model, having improved its cooling by increasing the cooling surface by 24%.

In short, as you can see, a completely revolutionary change to which will be added a kit to put electric start in this same engine block. This kit will arrive in the first half of 2023.


The price of the 2023 Scorpa SCR is €8,650 and it is available on the Trialworld Store.

The water pump is also completely new and is inverted so as not to create contact between the water and the magnesium.

Scorpa SCT 2023 Trial inyeccion
New Scorpa SCR 2023
Scorpa SCT 2023 Trial inyeccion
New Scorpa SCR 2023

Scorpa SCR 2023 mechanical novelties

News part of the Scorpa SCR 2023 cycle




  • Displacements: 125cc – 250cc -300cc
  • Engine: 2-stroke single-cylinder
  • Power supply: electronic injection
  • Gearbox: 5-speed
  • Weight: 67 kg
  • Price: ND €
  • Front Tire: MICHELIN X11
  • Rear Tire: MICHELIN X11
  • Brakes: Braktec, with 185mm and 150mm discs
  • Rear suspension: Tech 39mm
  • Rear Suspension: Reiger 3-way
  • Chassis: 25CrMo4 steel + 6082 aluminum subframe
  • Fuel capacity: 2.2 litres
  • Engine oil capacity: 450cc

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