Presentation Scorpa 5.7 Electric Trial

SCORPA5.7Philippe Aresen’s recent return to Scorpa, the brand where he contributed to the launch of the popular TY 125 four-stroke, has had very positive consequences for the French brand, which continues to work under Sherco’s ownership.

Over the last two years Aresten has been working on the ambitious project that you can see in these images, based on a new concept of trial bike with electric propulsion.

Former World Championship driver Christophe Bruand, a long-time collaborator of Scorpa, has been testing the Scorpa Electric 5.7, as can be seen in the attached video.

In the future, it will receive a system called ELS, which is a component that acts as a clutch and allows the power to be dosed to face more complex obstacles.

As can be seen in the images, the frame comes from the Scorpa SY250F four-stroke, with geometries suitably adapted to accommodate the new electric powertrain, in combination with other components supplied by Sherco.

Among the most outstanding technical data we have the weight, which is advertised as 76 kilos (almost identical to that of the 4T version we mentioned). The full charge of lithium batteries is done in just under two hours and the technical specification of such a battery is EM 45V 25Ah.

The performance data are: rated 5KW power / 7KW peak and rated 16Nm torque / 20Nm peak.

Undoubtedly, this is great news, as the commitment to alternative energies in our specialty is booming, as we have already seen with the launch of the electric Gas Gas and the handmade prototype that was developed on a Montesa 4RT.


Text: Trialworld


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