Presentation of the Mots Rider 3 collection in the 2019 range

Mots presents its 2019 catalogue of equipment for the trial rider with interesting new features. The most notable is the launch of the Rider 3 collection, which takes the baton from the Rider 2, incorporating new designs and also better technical solutions to achieve a more efficient and comfortable garment.

The Mots Rider 3 collection consists of a trial t-shirt, trial pants and jacket. Mots also offers a
variant of trial equipment
in “mono” format, i.e. a single piece.
Mots Rider 3 2019
Mots Rider 3 T-shirt
is available in three colours and in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. It is made of elastomer polyester for maximum elasticity and a perfect fit. Emphasis has also been placed on making it a breathable garment in strategic areas, such as the neck, armpits and back. Another nice detail is the 4-millimeter foam protections on the elbows.
Mots Rider 3 2019 blue
Mots Rider 3 pants
are made of 87% polyester and 13% elastane, guaranteeing an excellent compromise between comfort, elasticity and breathability. It features a new design at the waist for a perfect fit. In the knee area, it has a specific removable protection on the front, made of a SAS-TEC memory foam with memory effect, whose function is to return to its original state after an impact.
Mots Rider 3 2019 red
On the inside, also at knee height, the
trial pants
have an Aramid reinforcement, whose cutting and abrasion resistance properties give it a very interesting plus of safety. It is available in sizes XS to XXL, as well as between colour combinations: yellow, blue and red.
Mots Rider 3 2019 yellow
As we mentioned before, the collection is completed with a Mots Rider 3 stretch jacket, matching the three designs of the collection, as well as the Mots Rider 3 jumpsuit, a unique piece garment of great comfort.
These products are now available at
authorized retailers and Mots stores
Mots Rider 3 2019 blue jumpsuit
Mots Rider 3 2019 Yellow Jacket

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