New Scorpa SY 250 Racing 2009

Scorpa SY 250F 2009 Scorpa continues to have the SY 250R in its catalogue, which shares prominence with its valve sister, the scorpasy09 As usual in the SY, the changes are very subtle, although this time they have an impact on both its mechanics and the chassis part.

We find a new ignition that allows you to manually select between two maps with different power curves.

A new reed box has also been installed with the aim of improving performance in all regimes.

Finally, it is important to mention that this mechanic has Euro3 homologation.

The rest of the novelties, such as the new fork settings, different brake discs or small changes in the swingarm are less important, but they contribute to improving the overall behavior of the whole.


Cycle part

* Self-lubricating swingarm bearings.

* New fork setting.

* Titanium-colored rims.

* New decoration.


* New foil box.

* Ignition with double mapping.

* Euro3 homologation.


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