New Scorpa SY 250 Racing 2008

Scorpa SY 250 2008 Maintaining the same aesthetics and canons of the Scorpa SY 250R that saw the light of day in 2002, the new 2008 two-stroke range is presented with changes to the suspension scheme that it shares with its four-stroke sister, the Scorpa SY 250F.scorpasy08

It is the incorporation of a new Marzocchi fork with 40mm aluminum bars, similar to the one used by brands such as Gas Gas.

This improvement allows, in addition to better dynamic performance and greater performance, to lighten the weight of the front end, something that comes in handy for a bike that is excessively heavy compared to its competition and with little room for manoeuvre at a mechanical level.

See the Scorpa SY 250F 4-stroke test

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