Montesa Cota 315R engine adaptation in 4RT

315R dimension engine in a 4RT dimension frame

Andrea Fistolera’s transformation work on a Montesa Cota 4RT is surprising. The work has been directed, essentially, to adapt a two-stroke mechanic, from its predecessor, the Montesa Cota 315R.

In short, he wanted to fuse a state-of-the-art chassis and brilliant performance with a mechanic that combines innate qualities for the practice of a sport like Trial.

Text: Trialworld / Photos and information: Andrea Fistolera

The engine of the Cota 4RT is a lot of fun and the possibilities are very wide, as the official team has shown in high competition with Bou and Fujinami. However, we all know that the standard mechanics are versatile, but rather fair in terms of performance. When this Montesa fell into Andrea’s hands, it was clear to her. He wanted to take advantage of the potential of the best part of the cycle of the moment, with the performance of an engine that without major modifications has remained at the top for several editions.

The main work that has been done is as follows:

* Increase the displacement of the Cota 315R engine from 249 cc to 295 cc

* 28mm Keihin carburetor.

Montesa 4RT 315-7C
The work has been carried out by Andrea Fistolera

* Forks and shock prepared for greater smoothness.

* Chassis with modified geometries to accommodate the 2T engine of the Montesa Cota 315R.

* Modification of the electrical system.

* Completely redesigned radiator .

* Modified filter box , with larger capacity.

* Fuel tank with a final weight of 350 grams and 1.5 liters capacity.

* New complete wheels on both axles.

* Major modifications to the clutch system and cooling system.

* Unprecedented secondary transmission protection system .

* Declared weight: 69 kg . in running order.


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