Julian Perret currently on Italy’s Got Talent and captivates the jury

Julian Perret has participated in Italy’s Got Talent with his Electric Motion to show the world that trial can also be a media sport.

Perret started the show on the right foot, making different jumps and changes to the rhythm of the music. The Frenchman has outdone himself with a “back flip” that no one expected and bringing Frank Matano to the stage to jump him.

The crucial moment of the night was when Perret and his Electric Motion tested the nerves of the famous judge, doing different manoeuvres and jumps by his side until the moment he passed over him. The result of the night could not be different and the jury’s decision was a unanimous yes.

Perret has explained to his followers that “Yesterday I was on ITALIA’S GOT TALENT. Following the program’s request, I went to perform in October. An incredible experience where it was necessary to create modules especially for television with dimensions of 9 m by 8 meters… Ultra small, ultra slippery floor… the electric scooter and learn how to do a backflip with it! I was injured with a lumbar fissure plus a pinch on the l4 l5 S1. Mission accomplished with the jury’s 4 out of 4 yeses. Excellent moment that I will share in photos in the next post and soon in video.”

Julian Perret participates in Italy's Got Talent

video- Julian Perret on Italy's got talent

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