Jaime Busto gets closer to CET title after winning in Entrimo

The Spanish Trial Championship resumed its activity after the summer break and with the Trial World Championship already concluded. The event took place in the Galician municipality of Entrimo in charge of the Moto Club Trial Entrimo, which designed a well-structured race, with areas of high obstacles and a lot of spectacularity, although without excessive difficulty for the leading TR1 riders.

In sporting terms, the excitement of the top category was to see if Jaime Busto could open more distance at the front of the general classification and, thus, arrive at Camprodón with less pressure. Finally, mission accomplished, although their rivals did not make it easy for them, especially in the second round.

Jaime Busto took the victory with a total of 8 points followed by Gabriel Marcelli with 11 and Adam Raga, who completed the podium in the top category, with 16. The GasGas rider’s first lap was almost perfect, adding only 1 penalty to Marcelli’s 11 and Raga’s 14. In the second pass both Gabriel and Adam were better than Jaime but the Basque driver’s magnificent initial lap took him directly to the top step of the podium.

According to Jaime Busto: “I felt very good and very motivated from the beginning of the race, holding up very well on the bike during the first lap, despite being very slippery ground in all areas, as I only made a mistake in one of the twelve zones, which cost me a penalty point, While in the second lap I made one mistake too many, but in spite of that I got the victory, which was the goal I had set myself in this appointment, which brings me closer to the title, and thus face the last appointment with a little more tranquility”.

For his part, Gabriel Marcelli said: “Today went quite well, we were looking for the victory, but in the end it was not possible, although I am satisfied with second place. On the first lap I had a puncture, I was too nervous in the first zones and I made some mistakes. But luckily, in the second lap I took off the pressure and nerves and did a better lap with 0 points. The goal in Camprodon will be to fight for the victory and the sub-championship, although the rivals will not make it easy, but we will give our best version”.


The top three in TR2 were a little more evenly matched on points. Seiya Ujikawa won leaving Arnau Escarra second and David Fabian third. In TR3 Rodrigo Marchal, who was proclaimed Spanish Champion of the category with an electric trial bike (Electric Motion), Carlos Monreal and Cristian Naranjo occupied the first three positions with 41, 51 and 62 points respectively.

The TR4 pilots had very few penalties. Héctor Gairin and Adrià Albejano tied on points, 5, and Cristian Naranjo closed the top three with 9.

Miquel Alarcón and Xurxo Neo offered a great battle in Junior. Both were very close on points in both the first and second passes, but it was the Sherco rider who took the victory. Marti Escofet came in third.

Ryon Land stood out from the rest in Cadet 125cc, scoring only 7 points compared to 21 for Alex Pifarre, who finished second, and 26 for Oriol Garcia, third. Roger Montserrat, Jorge García and Ero Álvarez completed the top three in Cadet (Cup).

In Junior A, Otger Martí won with only 4 penalties. Further behind were Francisco J. Osuna and Xicu Mari, who accompanied him in the honor boxes. Lucas Rodríguez, Edgard Falcó and Marcos Romero were the protagonists of the Juvenil B team.

Laia Pi overcame the rest of the rivals in her category Female TR1. Daniela Hernando finished second and Eva Muñoz third. Each of them had 34, 57 and 60 points. In Women’s TR2, with 10 riders in the race, Yaiza Blanco won, followed by María López and Queralt Fontdevila.

José M. Segura did a great trial and only scored two points in the first pass and another two in the second, far behind the rest of the riders. Rubén García and Alberto Martín were with him on the podium in Veteran A. Equally perfect was Marcos Antepazo who won in Veteran B with two points in his locker. Ernesto Jiménez and Jaime González were second and third, respectively.

Héctor Márquez and Marcos Antepazo completed a nice fight in TR5 with a very good second lap by Márquez and Antepazo being very regular all day long. Both tied on points. Manuel Ruiz was P3.

The last round of the Spanish Trial Championship will be held in Camprodón, Girona, on the weekend of October 21 and 22.

Rodrigo Marchal TR3 Spanish Champion with Electric Motion
Entrimo TR1 CET Podium
GASGAS equipment in Entrimo

CET entrimo classification

TR1 CET entrimo 2023

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