GasGas Announces Imminent Availability of TXT 2020

GasGas Motorcycles is pleased to announce the worldwide availability of its complete 2020 trial range, consisting of the GasGas TXT RACING 300, 280, 250 and 125 models, in the brand’s official dealer network.

Motorcycle Trial Offers
Produced at the Salt trial production plant in Girona, and distributed by Gas Gas Motorcycles GmbH. As part of the Pierer Mobility Group, GasGas Motorcycles is creating a new and growing dealer network to manage the brand’s sales and after-sales activities.
This milestone marks the return to the market of GasGas, which for the moment does not present significant changes compared to its predecessor.
News part of the Gas Gas Racing 2020 cycle
Of particular note is the new arrangement of the centre of gravity that allows greater traction at the rear. The well-known and proven Öhlins two-way shock absorber is accompanied by a link that achieves the perfect stability to control the increase in torque transmission from the rear wheel to the terrain, even in the worst situations.
In the rear assembly, the improvements in the swingarm also stand out, in close collaboration with the manufacturer with extensive experience with parts of this type. After meticulous analysis and optimisation work, its lightness has been maintained while its already proven resistance has been increased.
The repositioning of the centre of gravity has also made it possible to improve the front end, undoubtedly the most agile, reactive and precise of all the Trial bikes on the market. Its stability has been increased thanks to the careful tuning of both the suspension and the set of components, such as, for example, the new suspension bridge that provides an extra point of rigidity and precision.
The new Gas Gas TXT 2020 also incorporates a new output sprocket guard that protects the backpacker’s hands and fingers from being trapped between the chain and the output sprocket.
Gas Gas Racing 2020 mechanical news
The evolution of the clutch system, loaded with Kevlar discs, houses a new spring and variable preload that offers the possibility of adjusting the character of the clutch to the driver’s driving. The new clutch disc cover not only gives it a renewed aesthetic, but also allows direct access to this crucial component in the trial engine.
The engine feel at low revs has been significantly improved, varying the distribution and density of the fiber of the muffler end cover, also improving the characteristic sound of the TXT.
The R+D department has redefined and optimised the internal measurements of this propulsion set to repetitively achieve the softness and lightness required by the intense practice of trial. A more freed crankshaft has been profiled so that the engine pushes upwards even on the most difficult steps, perfectly matching the most specialized techniques for the practice of this discipline.

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