Dani Oliveras returns to the Trial World Championship

oliveras_480Dani Oliveras has gone through a few years of profound change. After officially leaving the Trial World Championship due to funding and support problems, he resumed competition last year, but as a mechanic, not as a rider. With the departure of Jeroni Fajardo as the main rider of the brand, Dani has remained the most visible figure in competition within the team. In 2012 he participated as an Ossa rider in the Italian national championship, as well as other international competitions.

It will be this weekend, April 28 and 29, when Oliveras returns to the World Cup. It will be in France and here you can find the preview of the race. Undoubtedly, it is very fortunate that a figure like Dani will once again wear a World Championship bib.

Dani Oliveras is an example of struggle, self-improvement and perseverance. After getting a runner-up in the Junior Trial in 2006 in a beautiful head-to-head with Dani Gibert and giving everything to stay in the elite of this sport, carving out a difficult path for himself, with very fair means, He ended up leaving top competition at the end of 2010. However, his great knowledge of the sector, especially at the mechanical level, has been well valued in Ossa, where he has worked hand in hand with Jeroni Fajardo in a not easy year, where the evolution of the TR 280i and optimizing its reliability have been the workhorses.

Trialworld asked Oliveras about his impressions on the matter: “The year I’ve spent with Jeroni Fajardo as a mechanic and helping to evolve the bike has been very nice, but different from what I was used to doing when I was racing. It has taken a lot for everything to work properly, but I am sure that for next year this evolution will be noticeable in every way and we will achieve great results. Being able to collaborate with a new brand like Ossa and return to competition is highly motivating for me.”

Text: Trialworld / @triaworld 

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