Bou wins in Pobladura

bou-openfreexToni Bou has added his third victory of the season, out of four possible, in the most important race for the National Trial: Pobladura de las Regueras (León). In this way, the rider from Piera achieves an advantage of ten points over his main rival and closest pursuer, Adam Raga, who on this occasion was second for the first time in the 2011 campaign.

The excelente logistica that has been set up on the town of Pobladura In recent years, with the creation of a permanent Trial area and infrastructures that have allowed the region an important economic prosperity in terms of tourism, it was a key factor throughout the weekend for the region to be able to enjoy the region’s tourism enjoyed an event of such magnitude..

The weather was good throughout the weekend, so it was not an added factor in the difficulty of the areas, which in a first inspection on Saturday were excessively simple. Following the consensus of all pilots, certain four-zone passages were slightly revised. Finally, judging by the records of the riders in the race, the level of these has been perfect. Selective, without dangers and with areas where the drivers could define the race.

In the top category there were no surprises. Although Raga warned that he was going for it, this time he found a Bou very mentally prepared and ready not to make the mistakes of France, where he was out of the places of honor during the first day. In Pobladura he started strong, but there were no big differences between the main riders until the ninth zone; that’s where Bou got his second penalty and the rest of the riders started to fatten their cards. Five for Raga and Fajardo, and two for Fujinami and Cabestany.

podium_pobladuraZone eleven was key again: Bou passed cleanly, while Raga accumulated the maximum penalty and Cabestany, the closest to Piera, dropped two points. The third key point of the race was zone thirteen, where Bou dropped a point and the rest of his rivals also took penalties, although none more than two points.

In this way, the halfway point of the race was reached, with an outstanding Bou with only three points on his card, followed by a tight group led by Cabestany with eleven points, Fujinami with thirteen and Raga with fourteen. Behind them, already with twenty points and almost no podium options, we found Fajardo.

The significant advantage achieved with Bou seemed to put the end to the race, especially knowing his high level of riding and concentration. However, nothing could be further from the truth, the reigning world champion left himself a fiasco in the first zone; the same one that before passed cleanly and where none of his rivals found problems, except Fujinami, who also fattened his card with the maximum score. This fact made the race interesting, as the difference between Bou and Cabestany was reduced to only three points.

However, Bou came back to himself, did not lose concentration and rode to zero until the tenth zone, making amends for the two mistakes made on the first lap in zones five and nine. His rivals, on the other hand, had problems again in the latter, although the best stop was Raga, who made things a little more difficult for his main rival: Cabestany. Finally, the latter, with the second place almost in his pocket, in the absence of the procedure of the last indoor area, registered an unexpected fiasco that put Raga on a platter the second place in the fourth scoring event of the outdoor world championship.

Behind the riders in positions of honour, but far from the fight, finished Fujinami and Fajardo. Another beautiful fight was between Dabill, Gubian and Challoner, who finished in this order, but in a fist of only four points.

Now Toni Bou is ten points ahead of Raga with only five scoring races and four stages left, since as we announced in this news, the Polish race is excluded from the 2011 calendar. Cabestany is only three points behind Raga and, as the championship looks like, it seems that it will once again be between these three riders.

Toni Bou: “I felt really good with the bike and I think I showed that with my riding. On the first lap it wasn’t the best to be the first to go through the water areas, which skated a lot. And on the second lap I crashed in the first area and in the next one I left a point, but then I focused and everything went perfectly. It was a positive day from all points of view and this victory has good value for the championship.”


Takahisa Fujinami: “I went very well until the last section of the first lap and I made a second consecutive fiasco at the start of the second lap. I gave up 10 decisive points that broke the race, I couldn’t recover them and they cost me a podium that I had within my reach. I’m turning the page and starting to think about the next test.”


Great news for the national riders also in the Junior World Championship. Alfredo Gomez has picked up his fourth consecutive win and remains unbeaten in the entire 2011 campaign. The Spaniard scored two brilliant partials of three and four points, adding a total that was half that of his main adversary, the also national rider Carles Traviesa. The podium was completed by the Frenchman Dagnicourt. Behind them, the best nationals classified were Moret, Tarrés and Peydró, fifth, sixth and seventh, respectively.


It was a tight race in Pobladura between the Youth Cup riders, with Cedric Tempier finally winning, followed by the leader of the European 125, Jack Sheppard, and Stevem Coquelin.

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Text: David Quer / Collaboration: Sergio Pérez (Trial León) / Photos: S.P. & FIM 

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