The new Beta EVO MY 2024 from Trial is presented to society. A motorcycle that, in general terms, maintains the continuity philosophy of the brand, which is committed to a consolidated product, of great reliability and highly recognized by the general public for its dynamic efficiency. The Beta EVO is a bike that is very popular and in the transalpine brand they consider that its attributes are at the highest level and the time has not come for replacement.

A good reflection of this is the good performance of the brand’s riders in high competition, where in addition to achieving the Trial3 title, they have climbed to the podium in the absolute category this season.

The fact that the overall aesthetics are maintained does not imply the lack of a list of new features and improvements. Continuous evolution in small doses is one of Beta’s great philosophies.

The new EVO 2024 Beta is on the Trialworld Store. And as usual, the range is completed with the Beta EVO Factory 2024, which will be presented in February – March 2024, the Beta EVO 80 2024 and the Minitrial electric children’s ranges, where the Beta Minitrial XL 20 along with its little sisters, the Minitrial – E.

Beta EVO 2024 Range

Beta EVO 300 2T 2024
Beta EVO 2-stroke 2024
Beta EVO 300 4T 2024
Beta EVO 4-stroke 2024
Beta EVO 80 Junior 2024
Beta EVO 80cc junior 2024
Beta EVO 80 Junior 2024
Beta EVO 80cc junior 2024

What's New in EVO 2024


The presence of a new electronic key is one of the most outstanding novelties of the MY 24.

The new electronic device is an exclusive European patent registered by Betamotor (EP3064405B1) and simultaneously serves as an anti-theft device and as a protection for the motorcycle and the rider.

The electronic key of the Beta EVO 2024 consists of two parts: one that remains anchored to the handlebars of the motorcycle and another, magnetic (which can be worn by the rider with a wristband), which is disconnected, to activate its mechanism.

The device performs the function of a “Kill-Switch” device for the safety of the bike and the rider, turning off the bike when the magnetic contact point connected to the rider’s wrist and handlebars is disconnected.

However, unlike a normal “Kill-Switch” switch, the new electronic key also integrates an anti-theft function by preventing the engine from starting when disconnected, thanks to a coding that uniquely pairs the key with the bike, deterring theft.


– Radiator grille. It has a larger protective surface area in the area of the cap and the radiator body.

– Tank cover. This top cover is more enveloping and allows you to cover all the cable passages, as well as including the button to change the power maps, which are two: sun and rain. An LED indicator, which varies in color, allows us to know at all times the map we have activated.

– MY 24 graphics. The red colour of the Beta MY 23 gives prominence to an elegant anthracite grey, which does combine with red in specific details, with a body that sits on its spectacular aluminium frame that, on this occasion, maintains its natural polished aluminium colour.

– New rear shock absorber settings. On the rear shock, Beta has adjusted the settings to increase its responsiveness in the extension phase and improve the responsiveness of the bike. Thus, the EVO MY24 increases the feeling of lightness perceived by the rider, especially when using the “bounce” to position himself between obstacles.

Beta EVO 300 2T 2024
Beta EVO 2-stroke 2024

PART CYCLE beta evo 2024

mechanics BETA EVO 2024


– The crankshaft and connecting rod. The wheelbase has been reduced by 1.5 mm and is now 114.5 mm. These new components result in a rounder delivery and manoeuvrability, as the lower weight has reduced the alternating masses.

– Cylinder and cylinder head. The phases and combustion chamber have been revised, in search of better torque.

– Engine map. Engine maps have been revised, introducing new parameters.

– Exhaust manifold. One improvement we already found on the MY 23 was the addition of a fully integrated exhaust manifold guard.

Beta EVO 2T 2024
BETA EVO 2024 Trial range
Beta EVO 300 2T 2024
BETA EVO 2024 Trial range
Beta EVO 2T 2024
BETA EVO 2024 Trial range


datasheet BETA EVO MY 2024

  • Displacements: 125-250-300cc
  • Engine: 2-stroke single-cylinder and 4-stroke (300cc)
  • Power: Keihin carburetor
  • Gearbox: 6-speed
  • Weight: 72 Kg
  • Price: ND€
  • Front Tire: Michelin X-Light
  • Rear Tire: Michelin X-Light
  • Brakes: Grimeca, with 185mm and 150mm discs
  • Front Suspension: Paioli 38mm
  • Rear Suspension: R16V
  • Chassis: Aluminium
  • Start: Kicking
  • Fuel capacity: 3 liters
  • Engine oil capacity: 550cc
  • Spark plug: NGK BR7ES spark plug

Evo My 2024 Trial Beta Photos

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