A. Gomez JR World Champion


Alfredo Gómez Cantero (Madrid, August 6, 1989) has won the long-awaited title of Junior Trial World Champion this season, after an overwhelming superiority that has allowed him to be crowned a race before the end of the championship. Given that his main rivals have been his teammates in the RFME, Moret and Tarrés, not having travelled to Japan to dispute the 40 points that were distributed in the Japanese GP has not complicated a sensational year either.

Alfredo He has five wins this season And now he will take on the most important challenge of his life: preparing his assault on the absolute world title. Without a doubt, it will be a hard and very complex road, but it is where Alfredo has to fight from now until the end of his sporting career. As a good rider, the climb in the lower categories has been impeccable , as evidenced by his track record, where his world titles in the Junior and Youth categories are well collected.

In 2007 he won the World Junior Trial Championship and the European Junior Trial Championship with Gas Gas  and in 2011 the Junior Trial World Championship with Montesa.

Gómez is a precocious rider who won his first Madrid title in the 7-year-old juvenile category in 1996, and since then he has won all kinds of titles in children’s and youth categories, as well as two Spanish “classic” motorcycle trial championships (2005 and 2006). He competes with Montesa in the Junior Trial World Championship, having finished third in 2008 and runner-up in 2009 and 2010. At the same time, he takes part in the Indoor Trial World Championship, where he finished tenth in 2010, and has also competed in races in the Indoor Enduro World Championship, such as the Indoor Enduro in Barcelona in 2011 on a Husaberg.

gomez_400Her sister Sandra is also a promising trial rider, as you can see in this Trialworld interview, winner of the Trial of Nations in the women’s category in 2008 as a member of the national team.

Interview with Alfredo Gómez

Alfredo Gómez’s data:

First participation in the World Cup: Spain 2006 (Nigrán). Age 16 years and 7 months.

First points in the World Cup: Spain 2006 (Nigrán). Age 16 years and 7 months.

First podium in the World Championship: USA 2006 (Sequatchie). Age 16 years and 9 months.

First World Cup win: France 2006 (La Chatre). Age 16 years and 10 months.

First World Cup title: Great Britain 2007 (Hawkstone Park). Age 17 years and 11 months.


Junior World Champion 2011

Junior World Runner-up 2009

World Junior Champion 2007

European Junior Champion 2007

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