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Repsol Moto Transmission Trial Engine Oil 75W

Repsol Moto Transmission Trial Engine Oil 75W

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Synthetic lubricant for trial bike transmissions, developed with the experience of Toni Bou and the Repsol Honda Team. Significantly improves the speed and precision of the gearbox, while at the same time improving the feel and progressiveness of the clutch.



Qualities :

- Excellent oxidation stability, even under extreme temperature conditions, allowing the oil to last longer.

-Excellent low-temperature fluidity for smooth and precise gear shifting operations

- High anti-wear protection for improved gear durability

- Can also be used in light vehicle gearboxes, when a lubricant of this viscosity is required.

- Specially validated for trial motorbikes. Quality levels

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Rubén de la Rubia Ferreiro on Jan 08, 2021 11:56

¿Este aceite es equivalente de alguna manera a 15W50?

Hola, este 75w es la formulación indicada para todos los embragues de moto de trial. Se ha desarrollado a la medida de las transmisiones de estas motos. Verás que hay una amplia oferta de aceites para motores de trial y todos son del tipo 75w. De esta forma aseguras que el embrague trabaja de forma correcta. Saludos
Admin on Jun 08, 2021 01:40 check_circle_outline
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