Why in first class?

Bonaigua Blog.

Once presented, I think it’s time to explain the reason for this blog.

I had been thinking for a long time about the best way to express everything that is going on in my head, trially speaking, of course. I had even been considering the possibility of acquiring my own domain, until David Quer proposed this system to me, which I thought was great, since it is also one of the Internet portals, dedicated to trials, with more international impact, its name says it… Trial World.

I didn’t really know how blogs worked, until he told me and informed me that I had to give it a name.

Why “in first class”?

One of the doubts that worries us the most when facing the areas is the gear with which to engage the gear of the bike.

How many times have we heard (while we are analysing the line) in which gear you do it, in first or second? Those who do the zones in third have no doubts, hahahaha… [LEER MÁS]

I was one of those who always doubted, until in an edition of the Three Days of Santigosa, at the end of the 90s or early 2000s (I don’t remember it well) I asked my good friend Ángel Magriñá… in which way do you do the area?

His response was quick, clear and emphatic… ALWAYS IN FIRST CLASS!

It was engraved in my “hard drive of trial knowledge”, I never asked it again and I never (or very sparingly) did a zone in another gear that was not first.

Those closest to me know this, so they have changed the question and, while we are analysing the line, I hear… do you do it in first gear?

My answer is always the same… Yes, first!

In the first one, the trial is calmer, placid, serene, more dominated, controlled, also more directed and above all… less stressful.

Like any other area, I will do this blog “in the first place” hoping that you like all the contributions that I can make. They will be current comments on recent or past events, also future, that both Víctor and “el loco del bonaigua ” (crazy yes, but crazy about trial) will always do “in the first class”.

If I ever write a criticism or something that may bother you, it will be done in the most good faith, I assure you, without any desire to polemicize, I simply (as always) like to communicate what I think, nothing more.

David has provided the means to channel any comments, but if you want to make it more personalized, you will always find me at bonaigua@motocat.cat

Lots of zeros!

Victor Martin



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