Vertigo Combat Titanium R 2018

The range of Vertigo motorcycles for the upcoming season is reinforced with the presentation of the new Vertigo Combat Titanium R 2018. Characterized since its inception by the exclusivity of its components, this “premium” model is reinvented once again to offer its users a truly unique motorcycle, with great performance and in a limited series of thirty units to add even more exclusivity.
Vertigo Combat Titanium R 2018 - 17
This addition is in addition to the already presented
Vertigo Combat Vertical 2018
, a phenomenal base from which a series of components of the highest quality have been added to build a bike like no other.
Vertigo Combat Titanium R 2018 - 27
This new Vertigo Titanium R 2018 perfectly stages one of the most important values for Vertigo: innovation. The bike has a titanium chassis weighing only 2,100 kg, a magnesium swingarm and a long list of exclusive components that are completed by a 2-stroke mechanics powered by electronic injection.
Vertigo Combat Titanium R 2018 - 9

New Vertigo Combat Titanium R 2018

– GR5 tubular Titanium frame with a weight of 2,100kg.
– Titanium screws and footpeg supports (-500gr).
– Magnesium swingarm with a weight of 1,600kg.
– Redesign of the crankcase with a new cooling system.
– Ignition caps and injected clutch to reduce weight.
– New crankcase guard.
– TECH ALU suspension fork in white.
– Carbon fork protectors.
– Adjustable suspension plates with higher feed.
– 3-way Reiger shock absorber.
– New side protectors.
– Special footpegs.
– Renthal handlebar and protector.
– Gas cable with tensioner.
– Lever adjusters in CNC machined aluminum anodized in red.
– Rear rim machined with X-Light tires.
– State-of-the-art brake set with red anodized caps.
– FIM homologated rear brake disc.
– Rear wheel axle with attached eccentrics.
– Man-overboard device.
– New decoration.
– New radiator guard.
– New injection.
– New plastics (filter box, saddle and rear fender).
– New easel.
– New starter lever that makes start-up much easier.


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