Valdemanco National. Titles for Busto, Riba, Conde, Giro, Marcelli and Ribau

farre_500The Spanish Championship landed in the Valdemanco to compete in the penultimate scoring test for the Junior, Cadet, TR3 and TR3 +35 categories, in addition to the last one for the Juveniles and Women. Absence, therefore, of the TR1 and TR2, which will face each other directly in Cal Rosal on November 18.

Valdemanco is a town with a great trial tradition where multiple Spanish Championships and even the World Championship have been held. In this idyllic setting, dominated by well-gripped stone areas and one gravel section, the Motoclub Valdemanco proposed 12 very technical sections to be completed in two laps.

Despite the fact that the day was marked by intense heat, it was successful and we witnessed the crowning of the national champions of all categories, except TR1, TR2 and TR3+35, which will be decided in Cal Rosal.


Absolute dominance among the Juniors for Bilbao’s Jaime Busto, who ratified his national title after scoring his eighth consecutive victory of the season with a clean points card. The second position was hotly contested. Miquel Gelabert , with 8 points, was provisionally placed behind Busto, followed closely by Ignacio Martín, Arnau Farre and Nachette Fernández, all with 10 points.  


In the last pass through the zones, the leader did not take a penalty and it was Martín who was in charge of setting the second best partial, ensuring this position in the race. Arnau Farre also signed an exceptional record of 5 points that was well worth the third step of the podium.


Marc Riba’s overwhelming superiority in Valdemanco sealed the national title in his favour after adding his fifth victory of the year. Marc dominated the race from start to finish, signing a final score of 4 points.

It was also an excellent day for Julián Montalvo, who after a less brilliant first lap, managed to straighten out the race after scoring a second partial of only 3 points and getting on the podium for the third time this season.

The podium was completed by Cesar Dus , followed by his main rival in the fight for the runner-up position, Adrián Villabrille. In Cal Rosal it will be decided which of the two shields Marc Riba in the final classification.


Women’s title for Mireia Conde after resolve in her favor a tie on points against her main rival, Sandra Gómez. Both riders, fresh off their third consecutive nations title, starred in a a beautiful fight that went from Sandra’s dominance to Mireia’s final comeback. Third place went to Elisabeth Solera.

bust500In category B, second consecutive victory and title for María Giró. The Beta rider put in an extraordinary performance, starting with a penalty-free first lap and only two points on her final card.

After María, Berta Abellán was once again in second place and runner-up. Verónica Miguens, on the other hand, consolidated the third step of the podium in the race and championship.

In the Junior category, victory and title for Gabriel Marcelli in the 125cc category, followed by Oriol Pi and Pablo Suárez in their only participation of the series.

In 80cc victory and runner-up for Eric Miquel, followed by Martín Riobo and Rodrigo Marchal. The champion of the category, Sergio Ribau, signed a fifth place in Valdemanco.

TR3, TR3+35

In TR3 , with the title already decided in favor of Francesc Recio, there were only two participants, resulting in the victory in favor of Hector Gairín.

In the TR3+35 category, with the champion still to be decided, Antoni Ramonet achieved his fourth victory of the year , followed by the current leader, the Asturian Rubén Coya and Miguel García.

Text: Trialworld / Photos: Trialworld / Riba


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