Toni Bou renews with HRC until 2027

Toni Bou will remain linked to Montesa Honda for the next four seasons, which will mean that he will be an active professional trial rider well into his 40s. A major challenge for Toni Bou, who could surpass 40 world titles and set an absolutely unprecedented record in the history of motorcycling.

HRC has assured Toni Bou that he will have the necessary equipment to continue fighting for the trial world championship with full guarantees. Undoubtedly, these will be difficult years of great competitiveness, both because of rivals and because of the technological evolution of the sector. By then, almost certainly, Montesa will have its prototype of an electric trial motorcycle in competition.


In 2007 the relationship between Toni Bou and Honda began, seventeen years that have given many successes both for the Japanese brand and for the rider, who has become the most successful in the history of the trial world. The extension of the contract runs until 2027, which will mark two decades of an alliance that has entered the history books of the specialty.

During his seventeen years with the Repsol Honda Team, Bou has won an impressive 17 indoor and 17 outdoor titles. With a total of 221 wins and 291 podiums between the two world championships, Toni Bou and the Repsol Honda Team are motivated to continue adding to these incredible numbers in the coming seasons.

Toni Bou: "I'm super grateful to the team for trusting me for four more years. I've always said that I want to finish my racing career with Repsol Honda and that's the goal. I'm happy to continue until 2027 with what I consider my family, with the team with which I've won all my titles. I want to continue in the same vein, always give 100% in every competition and fight to achieve the maximum in what remains of my sporting career. I've achieved more than I could have dreamed of and we're going for more."

Koji Watanabe "I am very happy that Toni Bou will continue to compete until 2027 with the Repsol Honda Team. It is very difficult to win a championship, and, thanks to his great talent, strong determination and mental, technical and physical strength he has been able to win 34 titles. HRC will continue to support Toni in all aspects, including bike development and team management, so that he can continue to win championships."

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