Trial & Ecology

Motoclub Trialmadrid has once again made an admirable gesture with Trial and nature
, proving once again that fans of this sport love and respect the environment as much as anyone else.

In all the vicinity of the Collado Mediano Industrial Estate, the Trialmadrid Motoclub has already organised two large cleaning days. The first of them, as you can see in this link, was much deeper and more complex. Given that during this time the area has been maintained and cared for by all the fans, on this second occasion the work has been intensive, but different, since much less waste accumulated.



Trialmadrid has already achieved the ECOFLAG distinction thanks to its humane gesture towards nature. Now it reaffirms its principles by organizing the
successful cleaning day
that you can see in the gallery that follows in these lines.


Trialmadrid and all of us think that it is a great gesture to wash away little by little the bad image that, much to our regret,  It still causes the dirt bike in some places. This gesture proves that tacos don’t pollute any more than a careless Sunday camp. It’s time to take an example and propose this alternative among all motorcycle clubs. Trialworld will be at your disposal to be a spokesperson for this.


Congratulations to all the members of this day


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Text: Trialworld  /  Photos: Chema Carrión



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