Beta EVO “Wigg”

beta_bosiThe Italian Top Trial Team sells very special preparations of the Beta EVO in its two-stroke version, created in the image and likeness of the units that riders such as Alexz Wigg have used during the 2010

On its website we can see that Bosi Off Road offers
three different levels
of finishes under a practically identical aesthetic: Generation, Race and Wigg. The team itself announces a significant weight reduction compared to the standard Beta EVO, specifically of 69, 68 and 66 kilos, respectively. None of the figures are verified by Trialworld, nor is the curb weight (66.5 kg) that Beta Motor advertises on its website.




What we can assure you is that it has a juicy list of beta_bosi, such as:

* Five-speed gearbox.

* Crankcase lightened by about one kilogram of weight.

* Arrow complete exhaust with titanium muffler developed by Bosi.

* Prepared rear suspension.

* Nissin master cylinder and brakes.

* Renthal Components.

* Cadena Iris “oro”.

* Major carburetion changes.

* Top Trial Team specific decoration and components.


price of these replicas is generously high
, so all those interested will have to pay the 7,400 euros that the most basic version (generation) costs, 8,000 (race) or 8,400 in the case of the version called Wigg.

All the information and contact information is on the team’s website.


Text: Trialworld / Photos & Source: Bosi Off Road

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