Toni Bou’s blow of authority at the X-Trial in Pamplona

Exciting debut of Pamplona as the venue for an X-Trial, where the public attended the Navarra Arena en masse to enjoy the spectacle of the best trial riders in the world.

This is one of the most evenly matched seasons in recent years, or at least where there are more candidates for victory in each race. And proof of this is that in the three races held, there are four different riders on the podium and two different winners.

Now, with one race left (in France) before the break for the first half of the year, we have Toni Bou leading the way with a 12-point lead over Jaime Busto, who in turn is 6 points ahead of Gabriel Marcelli.

Second win and more leader for Toni Bou in 2023

In the first round there were no surprises and the four favourites (Bou, Busto, Marcelli and Raga) were in the leading positions with good results. In the first lap, they were led by Jaime Busto, while in the second it was Gabriel Marcelli who was the most effective in the zone. At this point Adam Raga left himself a fiasco in the last section, which was the most selective of the course, preventing him from entering the grand final.

Also left out were Toby Martyn, Aniol Gelabert, Sondre Haga, Bincaz and Grattarola.

In the grand final, Toni Bou dominated at will, scoring a card of only three points, while Marcelli achieved the second final place after overtaking his rival, Jaime Busto, in the last area, where he left a fiasco that dropped him from the second step of the podium.

The next round of the X-Trial World Championship will take place in Bordeaux on April 7th.

Consistency and success for Gabriel Marcelli, who repeats podium
New podium for Jaime Busto in the X-Trial 2023


Pamplona - X-Trial 2023


toni bou (P1)"I am very satisfied with this victory and how things went because, after an even and demanding first two rounds, in the final I took an important step forward. The first three consecutive zeros and especially the one in the third zone have sentenced the result. Winning again and doing it in a new city is great news."

Gabriel Marcelli (P2)"The second position achieved today is very important because it means returning to the podium and continuing to progress to be as high as possible in the Championship standings. Also, I was the best in the second round passing all the clean sheets. Consistency in the Top 3 is the most important thing."

JAIME BUSTO (P3)"I'm happy with my riding in the first two rounds but not entirely with the final result. I made mistakes in the final that sealed my chances. In any case, to remain on the podium and to do it close to home is very satisfying."

MATTEO GRATTAROLA (P9)"Obviously, the result has not been positive in this third race of the X-Trial World Championship. It's clear that this year we can't make even the slightest mistake because the penalties leave you out of any good qualifying. I think the first lap wasn't bad. In the second I wanted to push a little more, looking to finish with fewer points, because there is a lot of equality with the rivals, but I didn't manage to do it. We're going to keep working to improve."


Video x-trial pamplona 2023

2023 X-Trial World Championship Calendar

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