Tips for enjoying and choosing a Trial Excursion motorcycle

Trial was born more than a hundred years ago as a result of the poor state of the roads at the end of the 21st century and the need to overcome unforeseen obstacles to reach the point of destination. What started as a necessity ended up becoming a hobby, where the goal was not only to reach the destination, but also to do it in a clean and elegant way.
The evolution of the sport, especially in the last two decades, has caused the word Trial to be associated with increasingly vertical obstacles, relatively short courses that are often approached as if they were an Enduro “time trial”.

2017-06-17 Repsol Honda Team Trial ©Pep Segalés
2017-06-17 Repsol Honda Team Trial ©Pep Segalés

Largely due to the severe environmental restrictions, which added to the unilateral evolution of Trial models (less weight, more minimalist, high price…) and the example we see in professional riders, the essence of enjoying what any good fan of the dirt bike likes: a beautiful excursion is being lost.
To revive the spirit of yesteryear, we have set out to do the test ourselves. With a budget of just under €1,000 we bought a 1991 Beta ALP 260 Long Ride, a bike relatively up-to-date at a technological level but tough enough to avoid the temptation to stop and mark areas.
Montesa 4Ride Trial Excursion
The most important thing is that the motorcycle is registered and you have a minimum minimum equipment that can save you from a trouble in the middle of the mountain.


In this report you have in detail the tool that we must carry with us to
solve a basic problem on the trial bike in the middle of an
excursion or easily at home.
> Spark plug and spark plug wrench
> Allen Wrenches
> Lever set (clutch and brake)
> Shift and brake lever
> A webbing or rope that allows us to be towed
> A “Listerine” canister with emergency gasoline
> A tube of oil to be able to make a 3 liter mixture at a gas station
> Wrench or jaw
> Reversible screwdriver
> Duct tape
> Flanges
> Inflation pump
> Wicks to repair tubeless punctures
> Puncture Repair Spray
> A chain link
Puncture repair kit for trial bikes
With all this spare part you will have a minimum autonomy to get out of a hurry, extend an excursion or explore new alternatives. It is also interesting that you have the motorcycles in perfect condition to circulate on public roads, that is, lighting to be seen and seen (the “racing” headlight of modern motorcycles is not valid) and rearview mirror (there are folding ones that make mountain riding more comfortable and safer).
Montesa 4Ride Trial Excursion
On the other hand, before setting off for an excursion, it is important to check your tyre pressures. The pressures should be higher than for “zone” trials, where you usually carry 300 grams at the back and 450 grams at the front. On an excursion we are heavier, the bikes are usually heavier and it is possible that we touch the road. Consequently, we recommend pressures of around 600 grams at the front and 450 grams at the rear.
Trial Excursion


Probably with the law in hand, the places where you can enjoy a good excursion without the anguish of being fined can be counted on the fingers of one hand. However, there is always an alternative, more or less nearby, where you can enjoy the mountains.
There are really no secrets to enjoying a good excursion, except to always do it in company to ensure that we have help in case of any unforeseen mechanical event or fall, as well as being more enjoyable and exciting to explore new alternatives.
Montesa 4Ride Trial Excursion
Trial bike
is an excellent companion for hiking enthusiasts, especially if you are able to sacrifice tough skills for the sake of greater agility and maneuverability. It is true that they may not be as comfortable in terms of riding position, but you can vary your posture between sitting and standing, as well as forcing you to take a more moderate speed that will allow you to enjoy the landscape to the fullest.


There are no set rules for a mixed discipline that is halfway between trial and enduro, but we recommend
trial equipment
Basically because the trial
are more comfortable and flexible, allowing us to better squeeze the trial skills of these bikes, without penalizing in fast sections, where we will usually go at a more relaxed pace. There are wider trial pants with pockets, such as the Hebo Baggy II

collection, which leave the pants

outside the boot.
Regarding the helmet, we also prefer
trial helmet
, there are interesting options such as the
Hebo Zone 5
range, which comes with a smoked retractable screen, something that is very comfortable so as not to carry the goggles or swallow dust.
Last but not least, since we reach speeds higher than those of a trial bike, it is advisable to use good protections for the rider. Both in the Hebo and Mots catalogs we have
vests with back protectors and chest protectors for trials
that, in addition to being useful and effective, are very comfortable and can save us from a good scare in a fall. Remember that protecting yourself is not an option.
All these references can be found in the


If you are enthusiastic about the idea and you still don’t have a bike, the most important thing is that you define the degree of versatility that you are going to demand. In other words, if you plan to travel through urban territory, you will appreciate a higher and more seated posture, in addition to the electric start and possibly value having two seats.
How-to guide:
How to choose a second-hand trial bike correctly?

For this range of users, some good options are:

Beta ALP 200

Beta ALP 200

Beta ALP 400

Beta ALP 400

Ossa Explorer 280i


KTM Freeride 350


Gas Gas TX Randonne

gg randonne14 1


Gasgas Contact 2017 Trial Excursion


Montesa 4Ride


Beta EVO Sport with 2-stroke engineSHERCO TY 125 4T CLASSIC
Sherco TY Classic 2019
If, on the other hand, you can sacrifice versatility in order to obtain greater sports performance and components more focused on mountain use, the list of recommendations is more directed towards mixed models that are traditionally known as Trial – Excursion.


> Scorpa SY 250F Long Ride – 4-stroke
> Scorpa SY 250R Long Ride – 2-stroke
Another alternative, ideal for contained budgets, is to resort to models from the 90s, in which case the recommendation is that you make sure that the motorcycle is registered and you can ride in order.


> Beta Synt 260 Alp
> Montesa Cota 310 Evasion
> Montesa Cota 311
> Montesa Cota 314
Finally, the more romantic can always prefer purely classic motorcycles, such as Bultaco, Montesa, Ossa or similar. The most important thing is to be very clear about which route we are going to take, assessing it for its difficulty, distance, accessibility in the event of an unforeseen event and also for its legality.
montesacota311 TW
We will also try to be well connected and carry the tool mentioned above to have maximum autonomy in the event of an unforeseen mechanical event.

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