Trial 125

VIDEO | Keys to electronic injection on trial bikes

LISTEN TO PODCASTS Technologically, we are facing a critical moment in the history of trial. The evolutionary dynamics of this sector are relatively slow due to the limited size of the market, so that the fans themselves are, on many occasions, the ones who view the big changes with scepticism and prudence. On this occasion we are going to talk

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Jack Dance 2021 125cc Trial World Champion

5 errores a la hora de comprar una moto de trial The 2021 FIM Trial125 World Championship ends exactly as it began, with favourite Jack Dance winning. The GASGAS driver has successfully completed a spectacular season in the eighth litre,

Gas Gas Randonne for Police Japan

The Japanese police are equipped with the TX Randonné Gas Gas wins the competition to supply training bikes to the Japan Police Academy. Starting next April, the Japanese police will have a fleet of 40 units of the Gas Gas