Gas Gas Randonne for Police Japan

randonne_jap1The Japanese police are equipped with the TX Randonné Gas Gas wins the competition to supply training bikes to the Japan Police Academy. Starting next April, the Japanese police will have a fleet of 40 units of the Gas Gas TX Randonné to carry out the training undertaken by aspiring officers at the Japanese Police Academy to improve their handlebar skills as part of their training program.

The Girona-based brand thus becomes the supplier of off-road motorcycles to the Asian police force , with which it has closed an agreement to expand the existing fleet in the coming years.

The new livery of the TX Randonné “Police” version coincides with the renewed image of the 2013 model , which will carry the same colors although some technical specifications will change.

The Police has no lighting, incorporates a reinforced crankcase guard, a direct exhaust curve and the repositioning of the starter handle next to the engine.

Text and photo: Gas Gas

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