Jack Sheppard

Toni Bou renews with HRC until 2027

Toni Bou will remain linked to Montesa Honda for the next four seasons, which will mean that he will be an active professional trial rider well into his 40s. A major challenge for Toni Bou, who could surpass 40 world titles and set an absolutely unprecedented record in the history of motorcycling. HRC has assured Toni Bou that he will

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Sheppard signs with Top Trial Team

The Young Pilot Jack Sheppard will continue his relationship with Beta in 2013, but will do so by joining the well-known Italian Top Trial Team with the aim of participating in the European and World Championships. Sheppard will maintain his

Victory for James Dabill at McKenzie

A few weeks after achieving his first podium in the Trial World Championship, JAmes Dabill has shown his good form by Win the fifth round of the British Nationals. Second place went to his biggest rival, Michael Brown, while third


Jitsie , the popular brand of clothing and accessories for Trial, has edited these interesting videos of its main riders, Loris Gubian and Jack Sheppard , on the occasion of the first round of the 2012 Outdoor World Championship, held