Elevation 315

VIDEO | Keys to electronic injection on trial bikes

LISTEN TO PODCASTS Technologically, we are facing a critical moment in the history of trial. The evolutionary dynamics of this sector are relatively slow due to the limited size of the market, so that the fans themselves are, on many occasions, the ones who view the big changes with scepticism and prudence. On this occasion we are going to talk

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Montesa Cota 315R in full swing

The entry of Honda, which managed to avoid the total closure of Montesa through an agreement signed in 1982, has been decisive in the direction of the brand. Especially when deciding on brand positioning. We could say that the Montesa

Montesa Cota 315R 2004 News

Montesa Cota 315R 2004 The The 2004 edition was presented with no changes other than purely aesthetic, where the red color once again gave way to the classic white that saw the birth of the Cota 315 saga in 1997.

Montesa Cota 315R engine adaptation in 4RT

Andrea Fistolera’s transformation work on a Montesa Cota 4RT is surprising. The work has been directed, essentially, to adapt a two-stroke mechanic, from its predecessor, the Montesa Cota 315R. In short, he wanted to fuse a state-of-the-art chassis and brilliant