Dani Oliveras

Toni Bou renews with HRC until 2027

Toni Bou will remain linked to Montesa Honda for the next four seasons, which will mean that he will be an active professional trial rider well into his 40s. A major challenge for Toni Bou, who could surpass 40 world titles and set an absolutely unprecedented record in the history of motorcycling. HRC has assured Toni Bou that he will

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Good debut for Dani Oliveras in Raids

Dani Oliveras successfully debuts in Raids Dani Oliveras successfully closed his participation in the Baja Aragon 2013 raid race, something that he himself takes as preparation for a long-awaited Dakar 2015. A crash in the first sector of the last

Dani Oliveras has successfully operated on his foot

The charismatic rider from Girona will undergo surgery on the scaphoid of his left foot in the coming days, in order to solve a fracture produced in the first race of the Outdoor World Championship, held in France. Dani has

Oliveras, Ossa rider in the World Championship

Season finals are heart-pounding. Emotions accumulate, the winners are known, the tension of the last bars is experienced, the anecdotes that forge the curriculum of a rider are shared and… Negotiations are closed for the following year. Dani Oliveras is

Oliveras returns to competition

This week we have received the great news that Dani Oliveras will once again wear a bib to participate in a Trial race . However, he will not do so in the world championship nor a priori does it seem