Presentation Jotagas JT 2014

Jotagas has just presented the 2014 range of its JT model, developed under the guidelines of Jordi Tarrés and according to the experience acquired since 2012, when the first Jotagas model was launched.

The 2014 Jotagas JT will be available in several displacements: 300, 250 and 125. All of them will receive the following list of new features:

* Exclusive and unified screws
* New footpegs and footpeg position
* Reinforced chassis in footpeg area
* Tech front suspension with aluminum bar
* Rear brake caliper with 28 mm caliper
* New exhaust interior design
* New Galfer brake discs
* Optimized shifting
* Improved selector accuracy
* Improved clutch and discs
* Improved thermodynamics in the 300 cc version


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