Crónica Nacional de Trial La Nucia

Nucia13 podiumin La Nucía The town of La Nucía, recognized as European City of Sport 2013, was the setting where the CET riders gathered this Sunday to compete in a new round of the competition. The TR3, TR4, Junior and Cadet categories faced each other for the sixth time while for Female A, Female B and Youth it was the third time they faced each other.

The City Council of La Nucía, the MC Off Road La Nucía and the Motorcycling Federation of the Valencian Community prepared a test with 15 zones suitable for all classes, taking into account that it was also scoring for the Valencian autonomous community.

In TR3 Rafa Latorre and David Oliver occupied the first two positions doing a great trial. Rafa only penalized 9 times compared to David’s 46. The rider from Segorbe remains firm in the national championship and manages not to get off the podium. In TR4 we had Roberto Bautista, Jesús Fuentes and Jesús Martín as the most outstanding men. They worked very well and that’s why they didn’t score many points. The three Gas Gas riders left La Nucía with 0, 1 and 2 penalties in their lockers.

In Cadet, Oriol Pi surpassed them all. He only made one foot so it was really difficult for the rest of the members of the category to keep up with him. Gabriel Giro was second with 5 points and Asís Roldán third with 11. They were all perfect in Alicante.

Arnau Farré, Marc Riba and Julián Montalvo climbed the podium as the best in Junior. For Arnau, the race went very well as he only scored 1 point. On the other hand, his rivals made a few more. Marc 13 and Julián 26.

In Juvenil 125 Gabriel Marcelli, Pablo Suárez and Martín Riobo were the protagonists of this category. Like the winners of other classes, they didn’t penalize much either. Gas Gas did not add any, Sherco 2 and Martín 10. In Juvenil 80 Rodrigo Marchal, Carlos Brines and Jordi Crespi went home with the winners’ trophy in their hands. Rodrigo made 6 feet, Carlos 11 and Jordi 15.

In Alicante, there was also the participation of the girls who compete in Female A and Female B. Mireia Conde was the best in A doing a perfect trial. Sandra Gómez only scored one point and this was what led her to the second final position, identical to Elisabet Solera who was third. Looking at the rankings shows the equality between the three. In Women’s B Alba Lara, Neus Murcia and Pilar Murillo were in charge of drawing applause from the audience. The Beta rider scored five points less than the Gas Gas rider (3-8) while the Sherco rider took 11 penalties but took the third-place prize.

The next test for the TR3, TR4, Cadet and Junior categories will be on September 29 in Baiona, Pontevedra, while for Female and Youth on October 27 in Cabanillas de la Sierra, Madrid.

Arnau Farre:

The sections were not complicated but the conditions of the terrain, very dry and loose dirt, forced you to be very focused and to ride with a lot of tact, so as not to make mistakes, my feelings are that I am satisfied with my riding and achieve my goal, which was to win the race”.

Sandra Gomez: “Finishing second is clearly not what I wanted, the sections are too easy in my opinion and we riders can’t make any difference. I didn’t have a bad day because I only missed one foot. In any case, in the next race I will hurry up again and make sure that I don’t miss a single foot. I want to win the Spanish championship and I will give everything in my power. Thank you to my sponsors:
OSSA, RFME, FMM, reydes, Arnette, Angryfish, artes gráficas Tizón”.


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