Preliminary Trial of Classics of Maeztu X Edition

The MásGas moto-club will once again organize the Maeztu classic trial for the tenth consecutive year. As in recent years, motivated by the permits of the authorities we have been forced to keep the appointment after the summer. It will be held on 15 and 16 September.

Nationally recognized for the balanced level, the incomparable landscape, the organizational quality and the varied terrain with stone and earth of which the areas are made up makes it a must-try event in the classics calendar. For those of you who do not have a license and want to participate, this year it will be possible to participate in the Maeztu Classic Trial with a social or training license issued by the Basque Motorcycling Federation. Its cost is €35 per day of competition. To formalise it, you can do so by filling out the form on the FVM website.
As in the previous edition, the trial will be held over two days, Saturday and Sunday. Each day the
Classic Trial
will consist of 20 sections, which will be carried out in a single lap of the route of about 20km in length. The areas will be of great beauty and of purely classical style, making the most of the excellent terrain around Maeztu for the practice of Trial. The route will run between the towns of Maeztu and Sabando. The refuelling of the bike and rider is planned at the halfway point of the race, for which the riders will have to deposit a jerry can with fuel at the beginning of each day on a trailer located in the paddock. The paddock will be located in the Maeztu fronton as in past editions.
On the Saturday after the trial, a snack-party will be organized for all the riders and companions in the Izki bar. Also this year it is planned to hold a concert by trial-musicians.
As we did last year, the prizes will be awarded at the end of the day of the second day so that those who have to make a long return trip can attend and get home early. There will also be additional activities around the trial.


The zones will have as usual three levels of difficulty: Blue, Green and Yellow, making them accessible to all pilots. You will be able to participate in the trial with both classic and post-classic motorcycles (motorcycles that may have mono-shock or disc brakes, but always air-cooled).
The areas will be marked with the criterion of making a trial accessible to everyone, to enjoy the classic trial to the fullest, and always avoiding passes that may involve some danger. In particular, in the yellow level, we will try to simplify the areas so that all riders can enjoy the weekend to the fullest, taking into account that riders with older bikes tend to participate in this level and also riders who participate in trials occasionally.
Classic Trial Maeztu


On Saturday morning technical checks will be carried out in accordance with the technical regulations of the event, which will be similar to those applied in the Spanish Cup of classics.
Saturday 15 September:
8:00-9:30: Technical and administrative checks
10:00: Departure of the first participant
17:00: End of Saturday trial
Sunday 16 September:
9:00 a.m.: Departure of the first participant
15:30: Trophy presentation


Registration will open on Monday, July 16 and will remain open until 24 hours on Tuesday, September 11 and will be made through the website of the Motoclub MasGas
The registration fee is €110 per rider for the two days and will include both the participation rights, as well as some gifts that we are preparing for the riders, lunch on Saturday and Sunday at the end of the race, etc. Riders who register for the trial before 24 hours on Sunday, September 2 will have a discount on the registration price of €10, so they will have to pay only €100. The method of registration varies a little compared to previous years: it is necessary to fill in the form and payment will be made by bank transfer
As for the federation license, to participate in the trial you must have one of the following federation licenses:
to. RFME Approved License
b. Autonomous licence from any of the regional federations
c. Basque Country Federation License 1 single test. The FVM offers a one-time license license. With this license it will be possible for pilots of any nationality to participate, it has to be processed directly by the pilot himself at the FVM ( before September 10, 2018. In the case of foreign pilots, the signing of a declaration of acceptance that the coverage of the license is only in Spain will also be required.
d. Recreational license issued by the FVM
The MasGas Motoclub will not process any license. They must be processed by each rider in the respective federations, except for the recreational one, which will be done through the FVM website.


It will be possible to follow the trial on a trial bike for the followers who register as such. Fans do not register on the website, but will do so directly before the start of the race in the Trial Paddock in Maeztu. The cost of registering as a follower is €20 for one day or €30 for both days and will give the right to follow the race, to use the refuelling and the paddock to store the bike, to the pintxos for refreshments, to the post-trial lunch, etc. It must be taken into account that the permits granted by the provincial council, etc. are limited to the performance of the trial, so it is important that those who want to follow it on a motorcycle do so by registering in the test as a follower.


As usual, we include below a list of accommodations in the Maeztu area. Also in the Maeztu car park it will be possible to install motorhomes for those who prefer this type of accommodation.

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