Pascuet makes history in Santigosa

pascuet_340 has claimed victory in the 40th edition of the Three Days of Santigosa, thus adding his seventh victory and breaking the record of victories in this mythical race, ahead of the great Toni Gorgot, who until now was the benchmark with six victories to his credit.

In second place was the World Championship rider Takahisa Fujinami, who was third until the second day and on the final day was able to overtake a brilliant former World Cup player such as Gabriel Reyes, who remained in the lead on his Ossa until the final day, where a heavy penalty prevented him from continuing to fight for victory.


The statements of the riders are an accumulation of praise for the great role of the organization (MC Abadesses), marking areas that have not been done for 30 years and putting a special color to a mythical race that precedes the biggest of the year: the SSDT. These will be held at the beginning of May, as you well know.


For more information about this race, here are three reports:

The SSDT Pre-65 by Javier Cruz.

The SSDT by Carlos Casas.

This is how to prepare your bike for SSDTs.

Below you can download the final rankings of the 3DTS, pending further reporting.

Total ranking.

Team classification.

Classification by categories


The 3 Days of Santigosa

The “3 Dies Trial Santigosa” represents the most prestigious trial event in Spain. It was the first long-duration event in Spain and the second in the world, after the “6 Days of Trial Scotland”.


3DTS-40ANYSThe best drivers

The event has always had an international character and has been at the highest level. The “3 Dies Trial Santigosa” has been attended by the best trial riders in history: Yrjo Vesterinen, Ulf Karlson, Martin Lampkin, Mick Andrews, Pere Pi, Manuel Soler, Jaume Subirà, Toni Gorgot, Eddy Lejeune, Lluis Gallach, Marc Freixa, Doug Lampkin, Albert Cabestany, Adam Raga, etc.


All fans

Apart from the figures of the sport, the “Santigosa” has become the most representative event of amateur trial. All the trial riders in Spain have this event as an essential event in their calendar. It is an exceptional case where both elite pilots and grassroots amateurs take part, rediscovering together the roots of this magnificent sport, all in an incomparable setting such as Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Girona). 


Brief Historical Overview:

– 1970 Some young people linked to Sant Joan and motorcycles organize a one-day trial event. Pedro Pi is the winner.

– 1971 the competition was repeated also with a duration of one day
– 1972: The 3 Days of Trial begins. Pedro Pi (MONTESA) 1. Classified
– 1973: Participation of renowned foreign pilots such as Walter Luft, Charles Coutard, Martin Lampkin.
– 1977: Foundation of the Abadesses Motorcycle Club. Jaume Subirà is the winner of the 3DTS.
– 1978: Ulf Karlson’s participation with Montesa.
– 1982: World Champion Eddy Lejeune wins the 3DTS by challenging Toni Gorgot to win until the last zone.
– 1985: Toni Gorgot wins the 3DTS for the 6th time.

– 1987: Second victory for Eddy Lejeune on the Honda 4T.

– 1992: Lluís Gallach wins the 3DTS for the 5th time.

– 1996: XXV Anniversary of the Santigosa. Marc Colomer (COTA 247) and Joan Pons (Bultaco SHERPA) go head-to-head in the Margera. Both mounts pass the test. 
– 1997: The Moto Club Abadesses organizes the Spanish Trial Championship on the 1st day. The second and third days are open to all categories with the OPEN formula. Doug Lampkin is the winner.
– 2001: We celebrate 30 years in an exceptional way: For about 10 days we have the main elite riders of international Trial. First with its participation in the 3 Days mixed with more than 220 participants where the World Champion Doug Lampkin coincides with the same race with young runners of just over 12 years old. After 5 days, on the same stage, Sant Joan de les Abadesses hosts the first scoring event for the world championship.
– 2006: We celebrate the 35th anniversary of the 3DTS with the celebration of the TROFEO ELITE Santigosa, an innovative race concept with the world’s leading drivers that is held in a complementary way to the 3DTS. More than 2000 people in the audience and a great media coverage (press, TV, radio) guarantee the success of the show.
– 2007: Sporting innovations continue, this time celebrating for the first time in Spain the I OPEN FREE TRIAL TROPHY a new way of understanding and scoring trials. At the same time, a day of debate will be held on “MOTOR and ENVIRONMENT”, Reflection and solution on the preservation of the environment, the practice of trial and the uses of the territory.
– 2008: The MCA consolidates the new Leisure and Sports Area for the practice of trials in Sant Joan. The new Bike Park is inaugurated for the initiation of children in the Trial Bike and the San Antonio sector is recovered to make motorcycle courses for children. On a sporting level, a Classics Trial is organized with great success. The study promoted by MCA and the City Council of Sant Joan de les Abadesses MCA: “Environmental impact study and evaluation protocol of Trial Areas” carried out by the Catalan Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technologies of the University of Barcelona and directed by the Doctor in Environmental Sciences Martí Boada, has come to an end. 2009.
– 2009: First edition of the 2 Days Trial of Santigosa classics
– 2010: Jordi Pascuet wins the 3DTS for the 6th time, equalling the record of victories held by Toni Gorgot.

– 2011: Jordi Pascuet makes history and is the rider who wins the 3DTS the most times.

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