Lampkin conquers Scotland for the 7th time

Lampkin SSDT13Lampkin, the seven-time Outdoor Trial World Champion and five-time Indoor World Champion, has been the overall winner of the Scottish Six Days of Trial, which took place in Fort William.

The Gas Gas pilot has had An upward trajectory throughout this week in the competition that Reward regularity, and after sharing the lead in the opening days, he took the lead alone in the standings on Thursday and did not leave the yellow leader’s plate until he reached the end of the thirty sections on the final day.

The last of them, with an incessant rain in the center of the city of Fort William, center of the world trial during this first week of May, for more than 100 years.

This is the seventh victory for the Gas Gas rider, who has already set a milestone for the Scottish by being the rider with the most wins in more than a century of the event’s history, lifting the last two winner’s trophies thanks to his excellent driving with the Gas Gas TXT Pro 300 Racing. Lampkin has left behind trial legends such as Mick Andrews and Sammy Miller.

Dougie Lampkin:“I knew that until the last section of the last day of these Scottish Six Days Trial you can’t count victory. I know this from my experience in 2010 and 2011, where I had a mechanical issue and an injury, respectively. It took me a bit of a while to adapt to the trial bike, which I hadn’t taken since last October, and as the week went on, I felt better every day.”


1.Dougie  Lampkin (Gas Gas) 11

2.James  Dabill 26

3.Gary  McDonald 32

4.Ross  Danby 33

5.Sam  Connor 35

6.Alexz  Wigg (Gas Gas) 39

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SSDT – Day 6 from Jitsie on Vimeo.

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