Jeroni Fajardo wins at the demanding start of the Italian Championship

Jeroni Fajardo has been the winner of the opening round of the Italian Trial Championship, which he attended to get into the rhythm of competition, as his intention is to focus on the French Championship, in addition to the World Championship.

On the podium of the international category he was accompanied by Jaime Busto and Hugo Dufrese. These first two classified, Fajardo and Busto, were also the leaders in the absolute calculation of points, with the local Grattarola in third place.

Jeroni Fajardo Shrco trial 2021
Jeroni Fajardo won at the start of the Italian Championship
Jaime Busto second place

137 registered

Great success of participation in this first test, marked by the Motoclub La Guardia in the vicinity of Nuestra Señora de La Guardia (Italy), on a route where two laps were turned along fifteen areas of high technical demand.

This large influx forced a rethinking of the paddock of the area, forcing in turn to design a route with greater intersection, something that would end up influencing small generalized time penalties at the end of the first lap, which however did not end up being decisive in the result of the race.


Jeroni was the best rider to complete the first pass through the zones, with a card of fifteen points, to twenty-three of his main rivals, Busto and Grattarola, who reached the halfway point with a double draw.

During the second and final pass through the zone, Jaime Busto managed to close the gap and more than halve his previous partial. Jeroni was improving, but not that much; However, the lead accumulated in the first round was more than enough to win the game. Jaime, who had options for victory until the last zone, was only four points behind his rival. Grattarola, on the other hand, completed the podium in the absolute category with forty-one points.


Beautiful and well-deserved victory for Luca Corvi in the TR2 category that puts GasGas on the top step of the podium ahead of Andrea Gabutti. Manuel Copetti completes the podium after a great second lap.

Great race in TR3 for Alessandro Nucifora who beat Daniele Tosini and Luca Poncia.

Mirko Pedretti takes the win in 125 ahead of Giacomo Brunisso and Gabriele Agostinis.

In the open TR3 category it is Paolo Ruffoni who wins ahead of Andrea Buschi and Emanuele Gilardini.

Information of interest

Jeroni Fajardo: "On the first lap all the drivers incurred time penalties. The paddock was a bit away from the trial and there was a long intersection, which made us go very tight on time, although it did not end up conditioning the final result. I'm happy with my race, maybe a few five that I shouldn't have, but overall quite well. A race with a high level as reflected in the scores. It was a very old-fashioned trial, very stop, but with very natural areas. We had a great time, great atmosphere and many registered participants. Definitely a great way to start the season and try in the race some things that we had worked on the bike."

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