HEBO Toni Bou Zone5 AIR 2023 helmet test

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Hebo has always boasted of having some of the best trial helmets on the market. Within its catalogue we find a total of three ranges: the most basic, called Zone, with the “old” shell; the Zone5, which concerns us in this test; and the Zone4, the sportiest variant, available in fiberglass and carbon fiber.


The Hebo Zone5 helmet is made of ABS, a less light material, but with great strength and durability. As it is designed for mixed use in trials, excursions and the urban environment, this helmet is equipped with interesting extras.

One of its hallmarks is the retractable screen, which protects the rider from wind, rain, sun and any external agent. It unfolds comfortably and once concealed does not hinder the pilot at all.

The second hallmark is the Lights for Life lighting system, which consists of three LEDs that light up (battery not included) on the back to provide greater safety to the rider. There is a second device that allows the LEDs to be activated in sync with the rear brake light.

Looking ahead to 2022, it has been renewed in the field of ventilation, adding the surname “AIR” to the name of the helmet. With rival models standardizing upper ventilation, it was necessary for Hebo to work on this improvement to its best-selling helmet. In this way, more interior freshness is achieved, with the advantage of providing removable plastic lids that limit the entry of air in times such as winter.


In this report, we focus on the H-TYPE variant, which is offered in two colours:

HEBO ZONE5 AIR H-TYPE Helmet black

HEBO ZONE5 AIR H-TYPE Helmet white


Under the same structure and extras, Hebo markets several designs of the Hebo Zone5 AIR.

Casco HEBO Toni Bou 2023 ZONE5 AIR
Hebo Zone5 H-Type helmet in white

Features Hebo Zone5 Toni Bou 2023 Helmet

Casco HEBO Toni Bou 2023 ZONE5 AIR
Hebo Zone5 H-Type Helmet


To consider looking for a new trial helmet, one of the following cases must first occur (usually):

Old or run-down town

In this case, we are considering a change with a certain degree of emergency, either due to the expiration of the materials that ensure the protection of the helmet (here we explain it in detail), or as a result of a fall – impact The hull has lost its properties And it’s not safe to keep using it. In any case, the important thing is that we already have prior information about previous satisfaction with this model and it can serve as a premise for a correct choice.

Initiation in the specialty

Either because our first hours were spent with an enduro helmet (for example) or because we bought our first trial bike. In this case, the previous information to make the right decision is non-existent, so we have to follow the advice that you will see in the next point.

Opportunity, Offer, or Pleasure

Here we start from the premise that we have a helmet that fulfills its function and is in a condition to continue to be used. We may well consider a change of model (increase in range) based on recommendations, for chromatic reasons, the appearance of a good offer or due to lack of satisfaction with the current brand or model.

How do I know my trial helmet size?

To know your size, you should measure the circumference of your head at the height of your forehead with a tape measure. The value will tell you which size you should choose. If you are very close to a size, it is preferable to take a larger size.

The values are as follows:

Size XS: 53 – 54 cms

Size S : 55 – 56 cms

Size M: 57 – 58 cms

Size L: 59 – 60 cms

Size XL: 61 – 62 cms

"The Hebo Zone5 AIR H-TYPE helmet is the logical evolution of a top-of-the-line helmet with all the extras that an offroad user can demand, where until now a plus of ventilation was lacking, especially after the arrival of the mots jump and the ufo sheratan. Good quality of the interiors, removables, closure and overall components of the helmet. As you might expect, this list of extras is noticeable in the weight, although it is in line with rivals in its category. The difference compared to a sportier fiberglass helmet, such as the hebo zone4, is about 200 extra grams. In short, an excellent option for those who value price and versatility. The 2022 novelties are precise and necessary, returning the Zone5 to the place among the favourites in its range."

Photos of Hebo Toni Bou Helmet 2023

Video Tips Buying Trial Helmet

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