GASGAS surprises with the 2023 TXT at the Spanish GP

Everything is ready for the start of the 2022 Trial World Championship . In these previous days, there are presentations of the teams, which a priori do not include great news with respect to what we already know about the X-Trial World Championship.

However, GASGAS has surprised everyone. It was an open secret that KTM was working on the renovation of the GASGAS TXT, so much so that the press is summoned in mid-July for a test, but few expected to see the new GASGAS TXT 2023 in a team presentation photo, without much prominence for the new model.

At the moment no official information has emerged about the new GASGAS TXT 2023, so the conclusions we draw are solely based on the images of the competition units that will be driven by Benoit Bincaz, Miquel Gelabert and Jack Dance.


Benoit Bincaz with the GASGAS TXT 2023 Trial

Gasgas TXT 2023 Cycle Part

At a first glance there are important aesthetic changes to the GASGAS TXT 2023. In fact, the chassis is completely new, although it maintains the structural, tubular-type concept of its predecessor. However, it receives new geometries and formats, since, for example, the engine tie rods are now removable and not in a single piece as before.

This structural change has involved the development of a new air filter box, which serves as a subframe for a completely renewed body, where a large fender that starts from the fuel tank catches the eye.

Delving into the chassis part, the swingarm a priori seems to be the same one that the TXT has been mounting since 2018. As for the suspensions, it is not possible to confirm in images whether they will bet on Reiger, Öhlins or as is natural in GASGAS, they will try to introduce the WP brand in the trial discipline. However, on the right side you can see a purple shock spring, which corresponds to the Reiger (probably the 3-way Hydrostop as it is the official bike).

Up front, we see a 39mm TECH fork with aluminum bars and Kashima treatment. This does not mean that the fork will be fitted in the final series, but it is common for riders in the world championship to use this model, which is currently marketed as standard on the TRRS GOLD and the Vertigo TITANIUM.


GASGAS TXT 2023 Left Side


Mechanically is where it is most difficult to determine the depth of the changes to the 2023 GASGAS TXT.

At first glance, the engine block looks the same as its predecessor, but with important evolutions that will allow it to receive future updates such as an electronic injection power system and electric start.

For the time being, the 2023 GASGAS TXT that will compete in the 2022 trial world championship will do so with carbureted power. Although, as we say, it is unquestionable that at GASGAS they know that it is essential to prepare the leap to injection to try to comply with the strict homologation regulations.

On the right side, we can see a new radiator, a clutch cover also renewed, although similar shapes to its predecessor, and a complete redesign of the central exhaust section with the silent end.

If we go to the left side of the bike, we find more similarities with the 2022 range. However, we do see modifications in all the electronics, with more space between the top of the engine block and the fuel tank, perhaps to house a fuel pump at that point soon.

All this information that we offer you is not official, nor do we know if this decoration will be the final of the production model, but there is no doubt that the structure of the 2023 bike will have these shapes and lays the foundations (now for real) of the hand that KTM brings to the trial.


Gasgas TXT 2023 Right Side

Gasgas TXT 2023 Trial Photos

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