Arteixo hosted the Spanish Classic Trial Cup with great success

The third round of the national Classic Trial was held last weekend in Arteixo, A Coruña, with 70 registered participants and a magnificent atmosphere. The organization of the race was impeccable and was in charge of the Arteixo Motomontañismo Club, preparing 12 very beautiful areas in which the riders enjoyed a lot.

There was competition on both Saturday and Sunday with a high level of riding and a lot of emotion.

Diego Urreta Copa España Clasicas

Competition on Saturday

On Saturday and in the Manuel Soler Classics, José Enrique Romero took the victory , doing two perfect laps and leaving Javier Ruiz second and José Ángel Fernández third. José María Martínez Anaya won in Pre-75 with 2 points on his card compared to 3 for José María Martínez Martínez who, in the end, was second. José María Cosculluela rounded out the top three.

Francisco Javier Antolín, Antonio Domínguez and Rubén Sánchez were the three best in Post Clásicos Amarillos and Marcos González, Bertrán Martínez-Peñalver and Eduardo Álvarez in Post Clásicos Verdes.

In Trialeros Manel Campoy beat the rest of his category rivals with a total of 6 penalties. Rafael Trucios was second and Mariano Gómez third. In Pre-80 the protagonists were Roberto Mendibil, Francisco J. Aldecoa and Antonio Villanueva and in Experts Diego Urreta, Alberto Moreno and Antonio de Hoyos.

Competition on Sunday

José Enrique Romero won again on Sunday in the Manuel Soler Classics. Rodrigo Garcia finished second and Daniel Vela third. José María Martínez Martínez won the battle on this occasion against José María Martínez Anaya on Sunday in Pre-75, completing the top three: Mario del Castillo.

In the Post Clásicos Amarillos, Francisco Javier Antolín and Antonio Domínguez repeated as first and second, respectively, but it was Josep Lluis Marco who came third. Marino Galilea, Marcos Gonzalez and Miquel Cirera were the best in Post Classics Greens.

Rafael Trucios beat everyone in Trialeros, so Mariano Gómez settled for second and Carlos Alzola third. In Pre-80 the same riders from Saturday repeated in the first three positions: Roberto Mendibil, Francisco J. Aldecoa and Antonio Villanueva.

The same thing happened in Experts, although they were classified in different positions. Diego Urreta did take the victory but Antonio de Hoyos finished second and Alberto Moreno third.

The next round of the Spanish Classic Trial Cup will be held on September 3 and 4 in Morcín, Asturias.

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